As an avid lover of visual images, my passion for capturing images has stimulated my senses to document live activism & urban landscapes. My career began in 2000 when I won my first prize for my black and white photography of my two son's image at Monroe Community College.  I continued my black and white photography passion at the University of Buffalo where I was part of a mixed media exhibit entitled "DIASPORA".  Received best student documentary award from the Reel Sisters Film Festival in 2001 for my film "25 Years 2 Freedom".  


My career accelerated when I finished my thesis film "110 Morningside" featuring Last Poet, Abiodun Oyewole which received a City Vision Best documentary structure award in 2005. In 2010 I released "Homicidez" which was given recognition from former Rochester City Mayor, Robert Duffy and was

given a proclamation on May 29th as “Nicholle La Vann Day” for my service to the community in providing a voice to the murdered victims families.  In 2011 my film “Solutionz” received the 2011

PASS AWARD from the National Council on Crime and Delinquency (NCCD).  As an artist of visual culture, I'm interested in the intersection between the digital environment and media social issues. I  believe visual expression is a potent site where negative stereotypes can be subverted seductively

and if not provided and alternative image can effect us emotionally.  As an activist I'm concerned that the voice of under represented people can be heard and seen beyond narrow representations in

today’s popular culture. As a video artist, I focus on the impact of injustice and youth development while integrating related factors, such as poverty often symptomatic of the inequities found in

education and the justice system. My interest continues to be in the area of facilitating dialogues between people. Which means challenging existing assumptions as well as searching for new ways of addressing current issues. In 2011, I started a campaign to bring conscious thoughts back to our communities by providing free workshops that addressed issues such as police brutality, racism and poverty with the arts.

On May 19th 2013, I brought together two significant people in my life at that time Abiodun Oyewole

and Jamal Joseph who were featured in my film along with Dr. Leonard Jeffries.  Dune, Jamal and myself were part of a panel to discuss how Malcolm X affected our lives the discussion was entitled "Bringing Consciousness Back" screened my trailer "Living Legendz" to a 400 plus audience. I organized majority of the talent that performed from spoken word with Najmah53 & Rainmaker, film, dance and music by IMPACT.  


Can't believe it has been a year since I have taught Black & White photography for Studio 678 & Introduction to Social Media class at Flower City Center for the Arts and Education.  I have been working on my film with my daughter who has grown intellectually since we have rekindled our relationship.  I am truly thankful for having the opportunity

to work on this film 

and be blessed to my daughter participate.  



Currently in research and development stage with my next film entitled "Tenacidad".  The film was entitled  Reluctant Love but as documentaries usually do they change and so did the title. This is an inspiring story about myself being a survivor of violence and a mother who birthed a child conceived during a rape.  As I tour the state of New York in libraries and non-profit organizations the camera captures my journey.   As an advocate for sexual assault awareness the passion for this story is to lift the veil that covered my mind mentally and heal so other women can heal as well as myself.  Currently speaking to organizations and businesses about sponsoring my journey in speaking in schools, non-profit organizations, faith-based organizations.    Bringing awareness to this controversial topic is my goal with the project.   

Currently working on my aerial photography portfolio for the summer 2020.

Music by (Last Poet) Abiodun Oyewole


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