It's been a while since I released thoughts from my soul and today is one of those days, I must release my soul. A week or so ago I attempted to drive to Florida to see a friend and visit my grandmothers grave. It's unfortunate that none of the above were accomplished due to winter storms and my back was NOT holding up past New Jersey, so I turned around and came home. I was able to see my daughter and two of my grandchildren. My daughter seems to think it wasn't a big thing not to have my grandson around when I came to visit. Nor did he rush home when she asked him to come home. This generation seems to be so disrespectful and selfish like you owe them something. I have a new attitude going forward and that is go do me first. Over the years I have provided unconditionally to my children perhaps it was to make up for no father in the house. Either way from the eldest to the youngest they are selfish they don't seem to appreciate the sacrifice I made for them.

Times are changing and I keep informing my children I won't be in New York much longer but they tend to think I'm joking. As my youngest grows closer to that graduation date I grow closer to getting my money right for my dream boat in the U.S.V.I.

This year it is my goal to get my business off the ground with my art and securing a consistent income. Lord knows I am exhausted with ride sharing, folks don't appreciate my time and seem to think that my car is their refuge to tell me their problems. I feel like I am stuck in a rut living in Rochester from the opportunities to the people both have taken their toll on me.

Last year a woman did offer me artist space in exchange I will assist her with advertising. I have so much mistrust from being burnt by so many locals I am trying to keep a positive outlook; between keeping my personal goals of fitness and being proactive about my sailing channel. In the new year am challenging myself to continue my dream in multimedia. My goal is to share informative stories that both educational and productive. My biggest challenge is to develop a schedule that I can stick with and not allowing distractions to take me off the path to my success. I can do it but it will take discipline and hard work. One thing I have learned is that anything worth obtaining will be a challenge because if it was easy everybody would be a success...


1. Finish my film "Rochesta"

2. Screen "Rochesta"

3. Sell/Rent films on my website

4. Sell merchandise (hoodies and tote bags) for film

5. Sailing Yemaya channel (weekly show)

6. Develop a logo for Yemaya

7. Sell Yemaya merchandise (hoodies, water bottles, tote bags)

8. Get over 10,000 subscribers this year on youtube