I am truly thankful for my life and my environment. Though I live in the hood I am thankful that my neighbors aren't completely out of control and some folks actually speak. I feel overwhelmed because I am behind on my bills and I don't see any light right now.

Today I have a ZOOM interview for one of the local universities which I am definitely interested in getting in. I am NOT sure how and when I will get my replacement drones due to my income. I came home and just thought what is it I really want. I realized I just want to do whatI have been doing shooting independent documentaries and teaching. I think keeping myself in tuned with young folks and what is hot and new keeps me updated with the new apps and techniques. I recall when I first relocated back to Rochester I wanted to teach at MCC but they were having issues. Then I applied to UB really thinking I had a chance and again I was not given an opportunity to exhibit my skills. Though teaching iphone photography was an independent experience I taught myself how to upload classes on Eventbrite and how to market each class. I am proud of myself for teaching the class and providing an experience for my students.

My friend Steph and Erv said why you under selling yourself when you speak to promising prospects and I think it's because I let my work speak for itself. I was always an artist who let my work speak for itself at the end of the day folks talk mad shyt how hot their work is and then you look at it and looks like who did this shyt? I am still working in my craft and at the end of the day I am still happy in what I do and how I serve my community.

Blessingz are on the way I can feel it like the fall moving into its season. Success is what I make it and by surrounding myself with like minded individuals I'm on my way. I think that is why I wanted to stay in the academia field because of new ideas and new technology. I don't know what is next but I'm preparing myself for the opportunity is all I can do.

Thanks for listening and reading my blog and hope it has inspired you to be your best at whatever you choose to do today.

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Lately it has been raining in Rochester but that hasn’t stopped me from getting Yemaya prepared for the hard. I didn’t get to sail her this year and have accepted that I have work to do before I get out there in the water. My time with her has been spent writing, cleaning and fixing her up. I am sure proud of myself because I never would have thought I could’ve installed a bilge pump or change my oil on a 30 ft Hunter boat. I washed one of my sails before the rain came and still have another sail I want to wash out. I bought two bins from Home Depot to store the sails in, though they did come in a big nylon bag I don’t want any critters in my sails when I pull them out next year. Facebook was finally good for something I met mechanic, Sarge through a colleague on Facebook. It has been a challenge working lately not enough clients. I have been working on a film that’s been helping my situation and hoping that the environmental organization will hire me. I need to update my reel online which is going to take time from my work schedule.

Its definitely time for a commercial of what I can do, haven’t done one in a while so it’s time to get back on track with my editing skills. Adobe has come out with phenomenal tools for editing and it’s time to get cracking.

I‘ve been vexed about my drones both drones are unable to fly and I need a new one to even function and continue my work. I have my eye on the Autel which is what I will probably get with two batteries so I can continue working for real estate and insurance companies.

Its been a trying year but I’m so ever grateful for my boat Yemaya and the memories I will have with her in the future. Yesterday I cooked salmon with maple syrup, fried shrimp, butternut squash with cinnamon, basmati rice and some black beans. I bought a 7 up cake from Aldis for the Fam and they tore it up. Erv dropped off a plate with Sachee since Adianna had to work on a Sunday she didn’t have to cook. It’s October and it’s time to get to work and make the best of my situation. My Suns are in my prayers hoping that Peedy finds a job soon. Seems like his job maxed out with the moving situation.

Its time to read a good book this winter I’m so ready…

Thanks for reading and if you would like to donate to my life feel free. My cash app is $nichollelavann thanks so much! 💕🙏🏾

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Last week I lost a client who will no longer be needing my services due to financial changes in his portfolio. It's ok I still have to keep my positive attitude especially when it pertains to Yemaya. Right now Yemaya will NOT start and it's making me nervous because I have to have my boat out of the water by October 31st. I do believe that the battery is to loose and the connection is not secure.

My filmmaker friend, Dami blessed me with an amazon gift card which allowed me to get a headlamp and put some money on the control panel which was really needed. The control panel on there now has been there since the boat was made in in 1976. I was able to mark a few wires today but still have much more to label I barely scratched the surface. I also found a piece for the hose that my school colleague Doug sent me when I started my garden. I never opened it and today I did and took it to the boat.

It's been challenging trying to stay discipline with exercising and saving money to get out of my situation. I have so many things coming at me I feel like after I complete one project I still have another project to finish.

Today was a sincere challenge I stubbed my toe yesterday so I haven't been able to get around as swiftly as I usually do.

DJI finally retuned my drone and I'm ready to put them on the market and let someone else fix them. I know there are some nerds who can fix the drone and still use them. I am looking at an Autel which is more my style and American made company so that should be a good thing in case I need parts.

I feel like my body is in motion but my mind is taking time to catch up to my life. Spoke to my eldest daughter today she informed me she was sick for a few days. I didn't say anything I just listened because I already advised her about getting a shot due to her health conditions. She has her own mind and I am not going to fuss with her. I worry about her like Moms do when she tells me her roof is falling in and the landlord isn't doing anything. I advised her to reach out to the Public Advocate office to get some type of help and assistance. I know they assisted me when the fire department came to my home in Bed-Stuy and they could see the sky. I was pregnant with Sachee and the fireman asked me sweety you can't stay here much longer do you have a relatives house to go to? I answered him no my family is down south, though my cousin Jean lived across the street that wasn't an option for me. The firefighters were cool they wrote up a report in my favor and advised I follow up with the public advocates office in Manhattan, which I did and they were on the case. Living in New York City had it's ups and downs but when an agency in NYC stated they are going to help you kind of say in the back of your mind sure you will. I will hav to say they kept their word and I was moved within two weeks from that call.

It's been a challenge pretty much all my life and now that I'm 54 I expect life to get easier. Some how I am still facing challenging situations. I hear folks say the Lord is preparing you for something bigger and my response is oh yeah when?

I thought when I purchased the boat I would be able to enjoy it and instead it's been sitting on the water and I can't seem to find a mobile boat mechanic in the Rochester area that will come out to the marina. I called one dude and he never got back to me I'm not sure if it's because I'm a woman or I'm Black. It's sad that it's 2021 and I have to have that thought cross my mind but I wouldn't be dealing with reality if I didn't have those thoughts.

Today my toe really had me dragging I was trying to edit my episode but the pain has been throbbing. I may try to assemble some tomorrow if I feel better if not I am not going to rush it I will wait till Wednesday.

Fall is literally around the corner and the weather is changing the leaves are taking their time. I will be thankful when the summer is over the mosquitos have agitated every nerve and piece of skin that I own. Cheers everyone have a dynamic week and live your best life.

Blessingz till next time....

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