Sunday I went horseback riding with my daughter at “A Horses Friend” it was alright just too many people for me. It was an enjoyable ride except for ....well I will keep that to myself and see if the situation arises again.

I rode Bourbon and that horse was moody and slow nothing like Whiskey. Erin rode Whiskey today and she had no problem at all dayum how I wanted to ride Whiskey. I think the next time I am going to reserve according to the horse. Ervin cooked a salmon burger and some broccoli which was delicious. We both sat down and watched “I am Not your Negro” with the window open enjoying that cool Canadian air. Its a shame that James Baldwin’s message is still applicable to today in what we are experiencing nationally.

Lately Rochester, NY has been on the news in a negative light. Not to long ago Leticia Astachio a former Rochester city court judge was fired for drinking and wrecklessly abusing her position. Now we have Mayor, Lovely Warren Rochester’s first Black woman Mayor in office and she is under investigation for not coming forward and firing the six officers that killed Daniel Prude. Daniel Prude was a black man from Chicago that was having a mental breakdown running down Jefferson Ave butt naked at 3am & was murdered by city of Rochester police officers by asphyxiation.

I am disappointed with the actions of the mayor because whether she knew March 23rd or August 4th why didn’t she fire the officers first and tell the community. It was her responsibility to enlighten the community instead of the seeing the video via news that she knew and did nothing. The chief stepping down and then two days later she fires him. I’m trying to make sense of the mayor firing the chief of police for what she did herself which was keeping the situation quiet. Both of the city officials blaming one another for getting caught covering it up.

State Attorney General, Letitia James has come upstate to clean up this awful mess we having going on in City Hall. It's one thing to mishandle a situation admit it and move on but Lovely Warren continues to lie blaming everybody but herself. I believe if she had done the right thing and asked for the resignation of the police officers the community would have backed her 100%. Instead she has betrayed the community at such a low level, but hiding the facts of Daniel Prude death. I can't see how she thinks she is going to be re-elected in Rochester again.

Rochester overall is a pretty nice city it has numerous Wegman's & Aldi's grocery stores which both provide healthy food at a good price. Lately the 16 shot on Pennsylvania Ave house party has had the nations eyes on Rochester like we are Chicago which we are far from that type of killings.

The only way I keep my sanity is by doing my research for my retirement boat. I am eager to find a nice good size 38ft sailboat to live on in the islands with one or two of my Sun's. Yep that's my goal and work from my boat every other week do an Airbnb on land to cook an elaborate Sunday dinner. I look forward to the marina life I love water and would love to wake up to the sun emerging from the water. Scuba diving in St. Thomas snapping pictures of exotic reefs and coral and switch up to. an underwater camera.

Sunday I found out my drone is having technical issues with the gimbal. Trying to reset it and hope I don't have to send it in to be DJI to be repaired. I really need an Inspire 4 and may have to go all in and purchase one before I get this boat because that is my bread and butter.

Hopefully the city of Rochester can get pass this negative news and change the direction to something positive. Because Rochester doesn't need to be coming out of Lester Holt's mouth unless it is about snow. I love Lester at abc WorldNews Tonight, I just don't like the city where I live being highlighted for cops killing a black man going through a mental health breakdown.

This week is flying by and feels like I am in a movie watching my life play out on screen.

Till next time...Blessingz

The Filmstress

This week I was rejuvenated by the spirit of the protestors and the reasons why folks came out to protest. I was protesting because as a mother of three Black men and a partner who is a Black man I couldn't sit by idly, that could've been someone close to me. I have always been an activist and when something agitates my soul I must do something, it's in my DNA. I honestly have no interest in combat with the police though I am equipped with a camera, which is my voice. I use my camera and lenses to document the fight against the oppression of my people, whenever possible. It is my responsibility as a documentary filmmaker to record our plight from my cultures point of view.

I returned later that afternoon to check the crowd and make sure the police or racists weren't antagonizing the protestors in front of city hall. It's about 7:30 in the evening the sun is starting to go down and I pull up to the protest coming down side alley. I witness about four or six white dudes in Ford 150. and some Ram truck get out and start adjusting their masks. I wouldn't thought anything of it but one dude had a long black trench coat that looked suspicious since it wasn't that cold outside. As I approach the parking lot I see protestors approaching them asking them why they were here? They all seem to have the same weak ass answer because of the flag. One of the protestors asked them your drove all the way here for a flag? They replied yes because I'm American and folks died for that flag and you people want to disrespect the flag. Well, as with any racist it always starts with "You People" in other words you Black people. I listened to what the NYC Firefighter had to say we gave him the floor and what he said. made no sense. To be honest he sounded like a disgruntled Trump supporter with valid argument. He kept stating that the flag was symbolic to veterans but yet he acted like nobody Afro American had served in the military. Then a Phenomenal Queen stepped out and read him like she should...

The feeling of folks coming together for a moral cause is exhilarating and that my friend is what life is all about. An old friend you to say "Working together is what works" and it does. My life journey is not finished and I still have work to do and I'm ready for what the creator has in store for me.

Be blessed.

The Filmstress!

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A few nights ago I went to Jefferson Ave. to protest with my community. instead I found a nice block party with folks serving free pizza, folks dancing and kids assisting adults painting “Black Lives Matter” on the street. I attempted to put my drone up to document the experience but it was extremely cloudy and the power lines were in my way. I kept getting No fly Zone which I couldn’t understand because I was over two miles from the airport. I did see another drone in the air perhaps It belonged to law enforcement I really don’t know.

Last night on Samuel McCree way I saw these adorable kids shouting Black Lives Matter! I took a few pictures and some video for my documentary short on injustice.

As I approached Jefferson Ave. I must have missed the crowd because there was nobody there so I stopped to pay homage to Daniel Prude memorial and lit some of the candles that had blown out due to the wind. I couldn’t seem to find the protestors I went to several of their regular locations and I couldn’t find them except for about four who were standing in front of the public safety building. This morning the news stated they decided to go to a new location unfortunately they never advertised on Facebook so I had no clue. Kinda crazy I went to four spots looking for the protestors and felt left out. lol

It’s really simple if the city wants folks to stop marching Mayor, Lovely Warren needs to step down the city is in uproar that a Black woman who keep her mouth shut for six months over the death of a man suffering a mental break down. As a woman of color I am embarrassed of her actions like many others that live here in Rochester it’s unbelievable, one of my clients stated they would have expected this from a white colleague not somebody that looks like us. I replied that when they took Malcolm out it was a black person that killed him it seems like Black folks just can’t stick together. Its ironic that they won’t charge the officers with murder or arrest them. I shake my head at the injustice in America and makes me all the more want to get my boat and sail out of here to the islands. My family is not on board and that’s ok because I always am there for everybody else supporting everyone it’s time to invest in my own mental health. As I research my dream boat I am also researching the marina fees which in some spots can be expensive. I will not stop documenting my life and the events that surround my existence. I will continue to be person I was born to be

Nicholle La Vann!


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