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United We Stand - Pistol Peedy
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Upcoming feature documentary about one woman's journey of sexual assault and the child she had.  My film of healing and activism is part of my healing. Interviews with family and mental health professionals and other survivors are creatively told.


As an advocacy artist my documentaries tend to explore issues and topics that aren't explored in commercial media.  My passion to capture stories is my destiny there is change through communication, it's my belief if we share our journey others can grow and be nourished.


 Today's society promotes many negative images it is my desire to change that format of images and create positive images of my people.  I have dedicated my life to give the unheard voices at platform to be heard so their truth can be heard without restrictions.  Producing professional documentaries that explore topics that disturb the soul to make you think and hopefully create an action plan that will promote positive productive environments for humanity and mother earth is my ultimate goal.  I am always looking for like minded people and organizations to collaborate with so please feel free to reach out via email and don't forget to subscribe on the contact page.

“I want to give a platform to unheard voices and

educate society with artistic creative material that promotes change.

                                                                               -Nicholle La Vann