My life has been going a mile a minute and I feel like I am trying to catch up. Erin graduated sixth grade and is on her way to the seventh grade for next year. The Covid 19 Pandemic has really had its toll on our lives. The Black Lives Matter revolution continues to march and protest for the victims Breonna Taylor and George Floyd Our nit wit president Troll is acting like a jack ass he won't wear his mask publicly. What really gets me is how can he can be a leader and not seta n example. My Sun's who are incarcerated have me mailing them money every two weeks which becomes so taxing. Many folks don't understand the pain that goes with having a loved one incarcerated, the nagging feeling of hoping they will be ok and not get hurt while being in prison.

Sachee has been doing quite well staying at home with the baby. I am proud of raising him to be a responsible father. The way he looks and plays with Lila is contagious because they sincerely have a father and daughter connection at four months.

This week I did a video to record what happened to me in 1993, when officers publicly beat me and dragged through Penn Station. My children tried to stop the officers from choking me to death behind a dumpster but one officer kicked my ten year old in the back and my eight year old was slapped across his face by two grown men. Reliving the officers beating me and seeing Jovals face watching me get beat by these grown white men had to be scary for him he was only four years old. I really don't think white amerikkka understands the severity of being

I never thought I would want to leave America, living here all my life not knowing anything else but this place. Lately I have been researching where I can live humbly when Erin graduates from High School. The racism and economics really has me wanting to run now but I know I have to be careful to make a conscious decision. I feel like America is changing and not for the good. I keep hearing the Troll state he wants to make America great again, my question is what does the troll mean? Does he mean bring back slavery again? It concerns me where Black people stand and what is next for us in the near future. I am not sure where Ervin will agree to move I know it has to be a warm environment...

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