Being grateful...

Americans are spoiled by nature not sure if it is because we have the advantage by living in a country that takes what it wants or if it is something we all have learned from birth. I know this evening a young man asked me how I was doing and I responded I am grateful. What does grateful mean in times like this? It means being grateful your health is in tack and you're not in the hospital alone. It means your grateful you have a roof over your head even if you live in the hood. Grateful is being thankful you have food in your belly and you are not starving.

I could complain and say my life is hard, I don't have enough money to do things I really want. I could complain and say I'm tired of sending two grown men money in prison. I could complain that folks aren't serious about business like I am but what would it accomplish? It might make me feel better momentarily but it wouldn't really change the situation.

Lately I have been listening to Lisa Nichols and Tony Robbins who are authors and inspirational speakers I admire. Though I am on a budget they have videos on youtube that motivate and inspire me when I need that pick me up.

Next year 2021 is looking different for me already I have to cut some bills and the YMCA is one of them. I am really going to have to rely on myself walking and making sure I get a walk in a day which has been challenging already with my schedule. I wasn't able to walk to day so my goal is to walk tomorrow and push myself.

This weekend I taped my workshop and yes I felt discouraged because my Spanish is just that bad. I was encouraged by my girls Lydia and Moty that if I kept practicing my vowels it will come. Ironic Moty sent me this picture of her and my eldest daughter at UB during Moty's graduation.

Just thinking of what I cam going to cook for the upcoming holidays. I was thinking of lasagne but that may be too much for me to cook. I will see what I feel like cooking I am leaning towards a large salmon with a side of wings for Erin and whomever wants chicken.

This week has been pretty laid back in Rochester, New York the weather has been mild. Looks like the weather may be changing though...

As I was blogging this evening my eldest daughter noticed I never had any posts of her in my blog. So here is to the mini me and the memories from our journey's together. I look forward to building more memories with my daughter cause life is what you make it. Looking forward to sailing with her and the kids in the near future God willing, I'm living.

Looking forward to 2021 with new horizons...


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