Blessingz are on their way

I am truly thankful for my life and my environment. Though I live in the hood I am thankful that my neighbors aren't completely out of control and some folks actually speak. I feel overwhelmed because I am behind on my bills and I don't see any light right now.

Today I have a ZOOM interview for one of the local universities which I am definitely interested in getting in. I am NOT sure how and when I will get my replacement drones due to my income. I came home and just thought what is it I really want. I realized I just want to do whatI have been doing shooting independent documentaries and teaching. I think keeping myself in tuned with young folks and what is hot and new keeps me updated with the new apps and techniques. I recall when I first relocated back to Rochester I wanted to teach at MCC but they were having issues. Then I applied to UB really thinking I had a chance and again I was not given an opportunity to exhibit my skills. Though teaching iphone photography was an independent experience I taught myself how to upload classes on Eventbrite and how to market each class. I am proud of myself for teaching the class and providing an experience for my students.