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Lately I have been daydreaming about my future boat a Beneteau 381 two cabin. I am doing my research on what type of boat I want to purchase and from the youtube videos it looks like it will be a process. I realize that this is my dream because my other half is not remotely interested and that's fine because I wouldn't want someone to force me to want their dream. I want to travel in my last years to different islands in the Caribbean that's why I really want a sailboat. Depending on the online sales of my workshop I might can swing it by 2022 if not I may resort to a Hunter 30+ which is more reasonable for my budget.

I'm excited to be taping segments for the FAA online study class I developed. The emotional feeling makes me feel like I have accomplished something in my new career transformation.. MLK day or February will be the day I release my first live FAA class to the public. I am not trying my rush myself because I want to polish what I have so it's not only professional but captivating to keep participants attention. Animation may have to be inserted into my workshop just so my participants can understand clearly how clouds and weather work. The classification space is clear for me but I'm thinking for a younger audience the animation may clearly illustrate air classification.

Flew over the skatepark with my drone last weekend.

Took some shots of the kids skating and took some stills for Instagram. Used a shot or two in the Rochesta! trailer I assembled.

I decided to order some materials to get started with my online blog thank God I didn't go overboard with my shopping on Amazon. The prices on Amazon will put you in debt if you don't have a budget or limit. I am thankful for being a single parent mother for over twenty years because it prepared me to not live out of my budget. When I think back on my life it was a blessing having a financial challenge it allowed me to be creative with my spending.

I reached out to an artist, Jared Diaz of Colossal Media in regards to the artwork he and his colleagues are producing with Black art. He informed me that his company would be painting another image

in the upcoming months in Chicago and to stay in touch. I am really excited to document these young men and capture their artivism. I fell in love with this image of John Lewis on a wall on State Street in downtown Rochester, New York. Always been a fan of fine art artists from graffiti artists to painters I respect their creativity. Honestly look forward to collaborating with them and documenting parts of their journey.

John Lewis
Good Trouble

Blessingz and don't forget Proper Preparation Prevents a Poor Performance!

The Filmstress...

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