Corona On my Mind...

It has been a few days since we have been quarantined in New York state we have been informed to stay home. Cuomo was on the TV = Tell+Lie+Vision critically asking folks to stay home and that his brother Chris Cuomo has contracted it as well. It has got critical how many people are catching the virus. New York City received additional help with a Navy ship housing non Corona virus patients because all eleven hospitals in the metropolitan area are packed. My step brother is now getting better after catching the Corona Virus my concern is my mother catching it now because her and my step Dad really can't afford to catch it. My step Dad just recently kicked cancer and my mother is 75 years old so either way I really am concerned for them both. My sun, Joval is incarcerated in Manhattan Federal Lock up and unfortunately that facility has someone that has the virus. My sun, Joval was coughing and I could hear the concern in his voice regarding his health we both know his asthma is our main concern. Joval wants me to reach out to the Judges regarding his rights being violated and he still hasn't went to trial. I want to feel sorry for him then another part of me wants him to sit right there and change his attitude. I honestly think the state or feds don't have a case but because we live in Amerikkka they need the bodies to get paid. It's really easy for a Black man to get caught up and be in the judicial system for years without going to trial. Kalief Browder is an example of the justice system failing Black men and I am concerned about them failing Joval as well. I think when you're Black in Amerikkka it's whole different struggle from my filmmaking career to just living your life comfortably. My eldest Sun, Peedy called me today from N.C. he is supposed to be l released next year and looking forward to spending time with him when he is released.

I love my family but I am overwhelmed with sending money to the prisons, working jobs I am overqualified thankful to be working though. Not many folks know what I am going through because I keep my problems to myself. I never knew when you become a parent that even when your kids are grown you still have to support them mentally and financially. I still haven't heard from my daughter it's ok though the last words from her were to leave her the hell alone and never call her again and that is just what I have done. I am quite tired of my daughter snatching my grandkids from me because she's mad. I have tried to deal with her bipolar behavior now I'm just plain tired of trying I have found my mind to let her go and let her live her life. My mother is concerned because it's her first grandchild and I get that but I also have to love myself and take care of Erin who is a minor.

It's crazy just a year ago my eldest daughter was thanking me for life, I thought she was sincere but I should've known that wasn't true at all. Months later she was telling my grandkids I wasn't coming to take them to the beach last August. It's been since September last year since she spoke to me she changed her number and I'm cool with that it shows she was never sincere about having a relationship with me just what she could get out of me. That hurts when your child only comes around when they want something instead of communicating with their family. I wish the best for my 35 year old daughter and love her dearly sadly one day it will be too late for her to rectify our relationship.

As I live and love, I wish the best for our country and the best for my family most of all.


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