Daniel Prude...

Yesterday the State Attorney General, Leticia James found the Rochester Police NOT GUILTY of murdering Daniel Prude. The decision of them finding the officers NOT GUILTY came with repercussions of concerned citizens taking to the streets yesterday and this evening protesting the outcome. This afternoon I had someone from Free The People Rochester (FTPRoc) text me at the last minute there was going to be a protest at Liberty Pole downtown Rochester, New York. Though I debated on going because I was stressed out about loosing all my footage of the protests on my external drive. I had about two days feeling low and vexed on what was I going to do. I was able to reach out to a woman via facebook and her husband may be able to help to extract the footage from the drive on Friday. I did attend the protest and glad I went. I met folks who have been going to the protests since last year and met some photographers and videographers that were willing to share what they had. I felt so blessed just to hear that after going through a breakdown at home of loosing my footage.

It was good to see one of my subjects, Anthony Hall was out there protesting this afternoon. He is the only interview I didn't drag to that drive Thank Gawd! I'm feeling better about the documentary now because I was like how could this happen when I was saving the footage as soon as I got home. Now I am considering on saving my footage online cloud storage. I can't afford for this shyt to happen to me again the feeling of my stomach falling out is NOT a good feeling whatsoever. I wonder if Shonda Rhimes or Ava Duvernay ever went through this... probably not they have money for a lot storage.

I was able to get phone numbers and emails of some the folks that attended. It's critical that I still get their voices documented while the fire is still burning in their souls. I'm going to pray this dude can extract the footage I have kids on that drive, intimate interviews with some good subjects that had some real shyt to say. My attitude going forward is that if it's the creators will I will be able to retain it if not that means I need to shoot and keep it moving it's just that simple. Perhaps the universe will bless me with better footage than what I had, who knows.

I am truly grateful my old azz went to the protest....

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