Discipline...it's hard to stay on track.

Here is my Queen! My mom is truly a blessing and I am thankful to still have here here with me on this earth. Just giving my Mom a shout out how much I love her. During my twenties her and I didn't get along or rather see eye to eye on certain issues. We still have our views but I realize when we get older we can't hold on to shyt in the past if we are going to grow and be wise. We have to let things go and love as much as we can while we are here in the flesh. My advice to anyone who has issues with family members get over it and love them unconditionally at the end of the day it's how much did we love when life is over...

Discipline is a word that many take lightly even myself. It is a challenge to stay discipline whether it's working out or eating healthy we are all being challenged in our lives regularly. Lately I have been reorganizing my living space by finding homes for things that find themselves laying around on my kitchen table. I've been watching Marie Kondo. It is extremely a challenge to stay on task especially when you have the holidays around the corner and Covid lurking around. My knees have been killing me with the cold air and my arthritis I had to run to Loris and get some spray for my knees and lower back.

My sun, Joval encouraged me to get the book "Secret" which I ordered and it's cute book and has a lot of quotes not sure what the secret is tho...lol

Looks like I am going to have to let my YMCA membership go, I just can't afford it and they are giving me a hassle for my financial aide. I'm going to miss it but it's time for a change and I'm going to have to work out walking and doing yoga during the winter. You would think they want to save every member at a time like this but this but they transferred my paperwork to the downtown office and they are so anal that they want me to produce documents I don't even have. My back is going to be against the wall because I will sincerely miss my swimming and making me more apt to get this boat and get down south ASAP.

Today I video taped my FAA workshop in Spanish the first part about the regulations and laws. One down and five more segments to tape, have to have one of my friends like Lydia or Moty listen to what I have I am sure it's not perfect but my effort was on point. Looks like I am going to have to practice my Spanish more frequently for it to flow like I want it. When I started taping I thought I would be able to listen to the pronunciation and duplicate it but realized it's harder than I thought.

My goal is to finish this Spanish & French translation before January 1st and have them uploaded so I can have some income come in during the winter months. I'm marketing my audience for immigrants because we always seem to forget about the folks who just get here who are excited to not only be in America, but excited to learn a new skill. My pronunciation needs help I am sure but the more I speakI think the better it will sound. Practice makes perfect as they say. Thanks to Erv for snapping these shots while I was working in my kitchen office, don't judge me.

Today I started giving out postcards to my clients for the holidays. Not sure what I am going to get for the holidays money has been real slow lately.

Once again we have been lied to by these politicians regarding our stimulus check. Now they are saying we will only get $600 for a stimulus check which is not really any money for the last few months many of us went through our savings and literally living from check to check. This year 2020, has been a struggle to stay ahead of our bills, keeping our sanity through Covid and the elections.

This week I zoomed into the Rochester Documentary Collectives a group of folks in the area, some filmmakers and some hobbyist of the craft. Some folks showed their work which seemed promising and some folks I just couldn't grasp where they were going with their project they were like scattered in their direction nor did they know who their audience was. As I looked at the group I saw nobody that looked like me or even had the same interests. I think what I don't admire is when White America seems to want to tell a story about a culture and they have no connection to the story. I listened intently to see if there was a connection but it was like they were peering into a culture and haven't realized that for centuries white folks have told everybody's story and there always seem to be a twist in the end that isn't from the cultures point of view. I think I would respect more White folks if they backed the folks who were naturally connected and became a part of the solution, that's my opinion. I didn't really have much to say during the group because it seemed like folks wanted feedback and I couldn't give any positive feedback so I kept quiet.

This week NYC got hit by tons of snow and we got some of it but not like the city Thank Gawd.

Looking forward to 2021 and happy to say good bye to 2020 it's been a challenging year but happy it's coming to an end. Hell Naw!! I ain't getting no Covid vaccination, does a chicken have lips?

Here's to a new beginnings and a New Year full of opportunities, drones and boats...

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