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The beginning of the month I reached out to an editor I had assisted when he was in school. I honestly thought he would be a good fit because of our history of working together on another project. He bit off more than he could chew and I ended up getting a trailer that wasn't presentable whatsoever. I had been patient for as long as I could or I would miss another funding deadline. Though he gave me back my deposit I am literally behind in assembling the trailer because I never started one on my own computer which I should have done but my time was pulling me in every direction.

Exhausted from not only doing what I had for the documentary but folks I asked to do simple shyt were playing around. I relieved folks of their duties because I would rather take longer to do something right than do something half azz.

I know what direction I want to go in, now that I have music from Chi The Realist it makes it more simple to add the interviews that will pimp the project. I realized I am going to put myself in this piece and show the hard times I am having trying to shoot and the money issues that arise as an independent filmmaker. I usually don't include myself but because this video hits close to home with my own police brutality case I want to insert myself.

Last night, Justin and I worked on the grammar for the grant funding application. That was the second time I actually had someone assist me with the writing. I have been writing, fundraising and interviewing this project literally by myself except for folks that have helped once or twice.

Today I was able to re-schedule Joe Prude for his interview which was good. I know he went out of town for support with George Floyd's family. I think that was most honorable, even though he lost his brother he was still there to support another family going through it. That shows me he has a great heart and I want to help him and his family in any way that I can and hope this film serves as a tool for him to reach the masses. I reached out to quite a few people today and hopefully they will get back to me in regards to an on camera interview.

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