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Last weekend the fam and myself traveled to NYC to check in on my eldest daughter and my three grandchildren. We arrived in NYC early Sunday morning stopped by my daughters and she had things to do for the day. Went to the usual spots like Nicholas Cultural on Harlem's east side to get my oils and incense. Stopped by 116th African Market to pick up some Mudd cloth that I use around the house and in both cars. Our check in to the hotel wasn't until 3pm and to be honest time was flying ever since we pulled into the city. We stopped by a food truck and I ordered a falafel and then made our way downtown to get a whole pizza from Joe's Pizza. Ehh it wasn't the best but Erv seemed to like it my youngest daughter and I were like it was too saucy with no seasoning extremely bland.

As we left downtown we made our way back to an Anime store called "Forbidden Planet" for the youngster, after she quenched her reading thirst with two books we headed uptown to the Hotwire hotel we booked online.

Soo...we arrive at The Marriott Yonkers Courtyard Hotel. My review of what happened pretty much sums up why we will never stay there again. After a night from hell, woke up early to take my daughter to the laundry so she could catch up on clothes, her washing machine broke during the pandemic and she hasn't been able to purchase a new one. We finished up around 10;30 in which I had to hurry get her home and scurry back to Westchester to pick up the fam. Talk about exhausted... After I picked them up we headed back to the city and stopped at City Island since it was lunch time, I wanted to see if the seafood places had any lunch specials. I first went to the restaurant on the water but as I observed this woman's shrimp as she passed by it was heavy breaded. I hate heavy breaded shrimp big turn off so, I walked out and drove down the street and came across The Original Crab Shanty. They had some awesome shrimp basket for only $14.99 the shrimp were crispy and not over breaded like I observed down the street at another restaurant. After my youngest daughter online class was over we left and drove to the city and visited with my mentor, Abiodun in Harlem.

We spent about two hours with Dune unfortunately I came on a day where NYC parking laws were enforced and it was before 6pm. After we left Dune's we headed down to my favorite place "La Boabab" restaurant on 116th street and got three fish dinners and some Sorrel for the road. That fish was soo good I tore mine up right there in the car in front of the restaurant. I literally inhaled my food and was licking my chops like it was nobody's business and drank a sorrel to make it complete. I absolutely love this restaurant! I dropped off my daughters plate in the Bronx and got on the road to Rochester. We stopped one more stop near the George Washington Bridge to get the Johnson's something sweet to eat. The drive seemed longer than usual even though I wasn't driving back. As we pulled into Rochester early morning, Tuesday it was peaceful & quiet just how we left it. As we arrived we all hurried out of my SUV and scurried to bed glad to be home back in the ROC.

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