Happy Birthday Joval

Today was a gloomy day in Rochester cloudy but not raining. I expected to hear from Joval today since it was his birthday he turned 32 years old and unfortunately he's sitting in a Federal Lock up because he makes the wrong decisions. I spoke to his attorney regarding his release but having an issue with finding his doctor who prescribed him his asthma pump when he was on the outside. I am really surprised that the Federal lock up hasn't made notes on his account he was asthmatic. I guess you have to have money like that Takasho 69 to be heard and be released. I am frustrated with his situation because it's stressing me out slowly taking it's toll on my mind. 32 years ago doesn't seem that long ago it was 1988 I took a cab downtown from Harlem to St. Vincents Hospital in the village. It was bumpy ride with some foreign guy who made me quite nervous the way he drove on the FDR hitting every pot hole he could. I spent most of the evening with contractions I was 21 years old all alone at St.Vincents but the nurses were so nice and treated me kind. That time in my life I still believed Catholic hospitals were the best and cared about their patients which to me they did. I remember seeing Joval he was dayum near white but I loved him the first time I laid eyes on him. He was so beautiful to me his brother Peedy couldn't wait to meet him. I was living uptown on 116th street and 2nd avenue projects with Mother Linda which was livid with characters while I lived there.

I was truly thankful to have such a woman that protected me and watched over me and my Suns Peedy and Joval. Pierre was two years old when Joval was born and loved him so much and would speak to him like Joval understood every word. Joval has always had such a beautiful smile with nice teeth. I never gave my kids candy when they were small as a single parent I knew I wouldn't be able to afford braces that was thinking at the time. Though St. Vincent's Hospital is gone and no longer stands my Sun is a part of NYC history. I love you Joval and hope that you can come home soon and that corona virus doesn't harm your health.

Today I spoke to my mentors Dr. Jeffries and Abiodun. I was checking in on them because I know both of them like to be busy. They seem to be doing fine Dune asked about my family and I asked about his we laughed at the virus in the white house. Dr. Jeffries spoke to me for a while speaking about his family and how he met Muhammad Ali in the Congo. He spoke about how a student in his program passed away he had to make funeral plans the student was from Canada his parents wanted him to be buried in Africa. I called Zakiyah she was out for a walk and jog I was concerned about her because of her respiratory issues she was in Westchester at her parents so she was good.

Today Erin and I took a walk down Exchange Street on the canal it felt good to get out. I always enjoy being by the water my spirit feels at ease when I am around it. Saw a few people out walking and jogging Erin wore a mask and I wore a scarf over my face as we got some air on a gloomy Saturday in the #585 #ROC

Blessingz and be safe...

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