How to Earn $ this winter 2022 online

It's feeling like winter in Rochester, New York now the normal temperature has been 30 degrees on the regular. I went to the boat last week to check in on Yemaya and she had some snow and puddles of water on board. This year turned cold so quick there was no time for the fall.

I've been pondering what am I going to do this winter to make money. How to earn money this winter 2022? I honestly don't want to use my car for deliveries or transporting individuals. Besides the wear and tear on your car the attitudes of the individuals getting in my car are the worst, folks don't know how to raise the raise their children, from kicking me in my back to the way they speak to their kids is too much for me. Ride sharing has gotten old for me and so have the people who think I'm going to out of my way for them. At first I didn't mind helping folks driving them back and forth, but then this year with the incident of the lying white woman pushed me over the edge with my anxiety. I picked up a Karen with mental health issues who claimed I was kidnapping her and I wasn't driving the way she wanted to go and the destination was wrong. That accusation right there had me inform her I was going to pull over so she can catch another ride. The passenger started getting irate she wasn't getting out of my car, I quickly turned into the Dunkin Doughnuts on Monroe Ave and politely asked her to get out of my car. I called driver support which notifies the police on a recorded line and informed them I was being held hostage in my own car and the passenger refused to get out; please send an African American officer because I am a Black victim and the perpetrator was white woman. My thinking is I didn't want to be the next victim that called the police and gets shot because of a trigger happy RPD officer, they already have the reputation of killing innocent Black people. That situation had my anxiety go through the roof because after all I went through with this woman lying on me stating I put my hands on her they had the nerve to suspend my account. Let's just say my anxiety went through the earth's atmosphere because inside I was still shaking that this white woman could've had me killed by police. Therefore I have been looking online for online employment on how can I make money online and still be able to sustain myself and my daughter with my everyday bills. I have really got behind in my bills from being sick not being able to catch up. The overall feeling of anxiety seems to plague my sleeping and overall mood sometimes.

After this past 2021, Native American Heritage holiday I have been thinking about where I want to go from here with my career and lifestyle. It's nothing new that I want to relocate to another state or even another country for a few months out of the year. I came across some videos on youtube that state you can make up to $40 or more per hour. As I have been researching most of these ways require you to spend money in order to make money. Such is so on Google Sense and Google Ads they both require your credit cards information but it does seem like you can make it back with driving traffic to your website and the amount of clicks from each person that comes to your site. I haven't seem to figure out the algorithm on how it would work but I suppose my topics have to be on fire for people to want to take the time to read it.

Writing out my plans for my youtube channel have been mind boggling because I need to learn more about my boat. I researched schooling for marine diesel mechanics but haven't been successful one dude offered a membership at the Marina for $400+ but you honestly don't get much for your money except getting to know people at the marina. I believe they are the ones that offer a diesel mechanic class for $35 unfortunately I am not going to pay for the membership because it doesn't have any real value for me. I have been researching online and found a class online that explains the engine. Printing out a diagram of the engine itself and coloring the key components will work for me then I can start memorizing what each part does in the engine and how it operates. I took some images of my engine and will examine those and compare them to the print out. I realized if I was teaching a class on engine repair, this is what I would do to prepare my students. Sometimes I overthink situations and not knowing about engines I don't want to mess up the engine. That fear of NOT wanting to touch it is gone I now want to understand how it works and functions. I think most women share the same fear until we tackle the fear and realize it was all mental. I wanted someone to show me how to maintain the engine so I could learn hands on, but in this case living in Rochester, New York I think I can teach myself as I go. I am grateful it's an old boat so I don't feel bad if I mess something up. Nick has also agreed to help me with electrical maintenance as soon as I get the parts for him to install. I am going to have to wait because that came out to a few hundred for the parts he will need and that doesn't include his labor fee.

Moving right along I have to work hard this month because I plan to visit the south in January and looking forward to a little road trip. I have applied to a few companies so I can work online I am truly tired of doing ride share it really isn't worth it anymore from the high gas prices to the repairs I have to do almost every other month just to maintain. Looks like I will be finding other ways to support myself.

Thanks for reading will have more content on my next blog. I had my tooth pulled so I was down for a few days.



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