Joe Prude...

Lately we have been shooting and interviewing like crazy. I was able to finally meet Joe Prude, the brother of Daniel Prude. His soul has been hurt from the loss of his brother Daniel Prude and he is fighting to have his death recognized by the court system. It is evident that Rochester City Mayor, Lovely Warren hid the fact the police suffocated Daniel Prude and caused his death. The coroners report stated it was a homicide though city officials are still pushing the agenda he was on drugs and that is what killed him. The whole situation was depressing because as Joe stated, he called the night prior and that Strong Hospital released his brother anyways.

I don't want to share that much of my interview on my blog. My Sony microphones seemed to wanted to die during the interview so I have to re-shoot him again. No worries I just ordered some wireless microphones on Amazon so they should arrive by the end of the week.

Caylah & Siraya accompanied me to the interview and played with his dog who was quite friendly.

I look forward to re-shooting his interview and possibly shooting it outside in some great weather.

Joe went out of town to support the other families in Minnesota which I find honorable. I am supporting his family with a fundraiser to assist his family and my film in May. I want to sell images of Rochester and iconic spots so that everyone will want to purchase some merchandise to support the film and help his family as well. Folks forget that the victims families not only loose a family member but finances when they have bury a person and other expenses that the public is not aware of.

I truly am dedicated to honoring the families that have allowed me to capture their voice.


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