Juanita & Lila...

It was a beautiful moment to see my mother holding Sachee's new edition Lila. My mother and I reminisced about when Sachee was only a month old and we snapped a picture at the Sushi restaurant in Manhattan and how they both favored. Lila stayed awoke for a few and then wanted her mother Adianna for the obvious some Mothers Milk.

Sachee was elated to see his grandmother and she was definitely excited to see Sachee as well. It was a real pleasure spending time with my Mom and the family. My mother stayed for a week and enjoyed going to her favorite spot Costco. Ervin and I both took our mothers to Red Lobster for our last dinner they closed all restaurants that evening due to the Corona virus.

I just found out that my brother, Donell caught the virus in Atlanta. He was hospitalized and is still in the hospital, just spoke to him today and his fever has gone away. This corona virus has really made it's dent in folks lives across the United States. We must all stay safe and wash on a daily basis and stay far away from folks we don't know. I really enjoyed my mothers visit and look forward to spending some time with her this summer God willing, I'm living.

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