Lila Marley...

My grandawta turned a week old today and she has been a delight to look at these past few days.
Adiana and Sachee are extremely happy that she is here and so is the rest of the family. I took Erin over to their house this weekend so she could meet her niece Lila Marley. I love her name Sachee named her the first name and Adiana named her the middle name it was a group effort. It was a long labor for Adiana but she was able to handle the contractions and did a wonderful job delivering this bundle of joy. Today her belly button fell off and she is officially a New Yorker ready for the world and what if has to offer.
I spoke to Peedy today who was inspiring and counting the days when he will be home. I have been eager to hear him speak and read letters that are encouraging words of wisdom, I can tell he has been reading and comprehending what he is reading by the way he speaks on the phone.
I scheduled my FAA test and look forward to passing it so I can continue this journey of droning. Switching to aerial photography is different and engaging and quite different than regular 35m photography and video that's for sure. It seems like more and more films are including aerial images to establish the neighborhood and back drop of the film guess I am joining the revolution as well. No worries I am inspired to shoot on a different medium my year is starting off beautiful with a new Grand baby and FAA test that I am excited to pass in the next few weeks.
My mother is coming to visit her new Great grand baby this month and look forward to spending time with her since this will be her first time in Rochester. I have a few things planned but we will and see how she feels before I make a whole schedule that she cancels. This month will be quite busy for me which includes going to New York City towards the end of the month to visit Joval.
Till next time live from the #585 #ROC int he place to be it's Nick Luv...

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