My Sun Peedy!

A few weeks ago my eldest Sun was released from jail down south. It was good to see Peedy via Facetime not behind bars, his music has been on my website for years. Proud of Peedy he has been reaching out to family from Georgia to New York like he should. One of the ways to stop recidivism is to have a great support system once folks are released. I added Peedy to our phone plan so he could get work but with his talent he has decided to dabble into tattoos. All of the family thinks that was a great choice because his artwork is phenomenal. Peedy is one of a kind and super duper proud of him for keeping his mind positive. He called me this evening to check on me and I spoke about my dream boat and sent him the picture. Peedy has always been that child you can't keep down he could do something wrong acknowledge it and change his attitude to a happy one. Some of my kids weren't capable of doing that they would keep a miserable attitude till the cows came home. It feels good to have my Sun out and be able to talk to him without a recording telling you where they calling from. I always hated those interruptions, this call is from a yada yada jail and is subject to blah blah. Now we can speak freely without that recording interrupting us. Peedy needs for me to send him a cop of his copy written comics he produced when he was locked up.

Thinking of ways to incorporate his artwork with my project so I can put him on the projects as well. I know it's extremely hard for a Black man to find work once they are released because that stigma of jail follows them. Though Peedy's attitude is carefree I know they will judge my Sun the same as many others out here trying to turn their lives around. I don't trust his parole officer he seems to be extremely emotional person. Less than 24 hours he is talking shyt about Peedy not checking in which he had to turn around and rewrite an email stating that someone form his office didn't inform him that my Sun checked in. I emailed him back and asked him to be patient he didn't have a phone but he was trying to reach him. The SOB couldn't even have the decency to apologize after he knew he was wrong for assuming my Sun was trying to avoid him. Majority of Parole officers have the type of insecure attitude that they have the power to do something. They carry the attitude of locking somebody up after being recently released is cool or something. Don't get me wrong there are some people who deserve to go back in, because they don't have the right spirit or intentions when they are released. My issue with this dude was that he assumed before getting the facts and wrote an email threatening his freedom like that was suppose to move me. I took it as a petty Italian man that had a bone to pick with my Black Sun and he all he did was get released. It's ironic how I shoot documentaries about issues such as police brutality, racism and injustice. My life as a woman of color is always being targeted due to my Blackness. As a woman of color I have had to struggle to maintain my dignity.

Now that my Sun has been released the challenge is him staying out of jail. I also know that with humble spirit he has right now he is NOT trying to jeopardize his freedom. We all are aware that the imprisonment doesn't just affect the person incarcerated it affects the family. Most of all the mother, even though my Sun was in jail the thought of him getting killed crossed my mind numerous times. I am sure there are other sistahs that felt that way as well. I rarely talk about it because it hurts to know a loved one is being treated like a caged animal.

It seems like nowadays the cops are the ones they should be putting in jail. I find there are more stories surrounding cops abusing their power than citizens. Take into account the number of officers that went to the capital on January 6th and literally caused an insurrection. Black people were not surprised there were cops at the capital causing havoc, because we deal with injustice everyday when it comes to the justice system. The mentality of most officers is NOT to protect and serve but to hurt and assault people of color by any means they find necessary. See if police officers would look at Black people as individuals and as humans the way they treat us wouldn't have to be documented on camera. The cameras have been established to deter cops from making horrendous decisions, like masing a nine year old or handcuffing a ten year old black girl. On each one of these events officers didn't look at these kids as children but as animals. The justice system needs an overhaul we really need. to change s the laws specifically the thirteenth amendment....

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