No happy...

My attitude is still no worries be happy...The local jobs I applied for seemed to go with someone else for the positions and that's ok. I feel one interview was just a waste of time and they had someone already. I think they had to be fair and interview someone of color so it didn't look like they were bias. That means that I have great opportunity coming my way and I welcome the energy into my environment. No worries ...I'm happy just moving right along editing more material and getting myself ready for my trip down south. Getting myself mentally prepared to go down south and edit the winter away. Looking forward to spending time with my Mom and picking up a gig in production while in Atlanta area.

My current situation is getting myself discipline again. I have really fell off with making lists and keeping up a production calendar with deadlines. Today I made my first steps towards organization and production by editing my trailer for my film and updating my youtube channel. I am not about to allow negative thoughts take over my goals I have set for myself. As many Americans still struggling to pay the bills and keep a roof over my head. I still have a journey ahead of me until I will be able to not stress myself over my bills and that's ok. Scheduling myself for me time has been a struggle but I am getting there at least it's on my calendar which is a start.

The last few weeks trying to get myself organized has been difficult but well worth it. I am truly grateful to the Queens around me that have assisted me by hiring me for jobs. The fall is bringing in a fresh new start for me I feel it. I believe I have to stay consistent, discipline and the universe will bless me with everything I need.

Online I have seemed to piss some folks off as usual. I highlighted the Dave Chapelle show on my timeline and folk showed they azz. Some folks weren't even part of the gay community were stating how insensitive Dave was with transexuals. One girl online, made a comment who never even saw the show. I just thought to myself how ignorant and privileged this individual thought she was to give an opinion without the knowledge of the show. The attack on Dave was real then I looked at the people who were doing the complaining. Who were they? What did they represent in their own lives? It wasn't hard to see that most of the folks hadn't seen the special of Dave, just wanted to have something to say basically be heard on a platform. I find that some of them were unhealthy just by looking at their image they didn't love themselves. What most folks seemed to gloss over who were hating on Dave, is that he asked a question before he started. The question was, can a transexual be a racist? He posed that question because he wanted folks to think about it. He then proceeded to tell a story and use his own experience where he thought folks from the gay community were being hypocritical and why. I think one can be racist and transexual. Hear is whyI agree when Dave told jokes about Black people calling the N word folks were laughing and on the floor. We made fun of a Black man who thought he was a klan member Amerikkka thought it was hilarious to poke fun at Black Americans. Dave being the comedian he has poked fun at every nationality, gender, age and religion nothing is sacred not even rape. Now when Dave made jokes about everyone else it was ok now that he makes jokes including the gay community specifically the transgenders all hell breaks out folks are protesting Netflix. Where is all the outrage when Black folks are being disrespected and even killed. See the difference with the so called walk out of the White transgenders on Netflix is that its one sided they aren't really standing up for everyone but themselves. This right here hits on the head! Hope this gives an understanding to how some of us folks.

Blessingz...till next time.

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