Passed my FAA test!!

I have had a terrific week it started with an inspiring woman who was obtaining her doctorate from Northwestern. We spent some time together and she was another person who has encouraged me to look at the life coach career. It was truly a beautiful day to spend with another woman who was achieving her goals and happy about life.

Today my attitude was I'm going to pass this test and sure enough I did. I think when we set our mind to do something we can achieve it when we put passion to our goals. Listening to my youtube videos of inspiration while I was on the treadmill which kept my spirits high. I feel validated like I can do anything though I quite aware of my limits. I went to the gym and got in the whirlpool after my work out made me feel fabulous.

I have this silent void of wanting to get my doctorate but when I get close to paying it seems like I need letters of support which I come short of every time. Though the last time I applied I used Lourdes and Andrea's letters and still got denied. I think my ego has had something to do with me applying again I don't want my feelings hurt or get a rejection letter.

Ervin's car is in the shop so he's been working on the house painting. We have been remodeling the house and now my mother will be here on Friday and our ceiling is not finished in the kitchen. I am not going to get anxiety over it because she came to visit her great grand daughter Lila and that's what matters. I am learning to keep my anxiety down by not being so over concerned about situations I don't have control over...

I spoke to both my incarcerated Sun's and they both seem to be doing well. Unfortunately my Sun who is in Federal has been in lock down due to correction officers bringing guns into the facility for an inmate. What a fool to bring a gun to an inmate you have to be some kind of stupid.

The corona virus is spreading like wild fire it has had countries like Italy closing their borders. The Pandemic has stores running out of sanitizer and Clorox wipes they have locked down New Rochelle, New York. It's been very uneasy especially with the work I do, I am pleased that they have restricted all flights to Europe.

I booked a spa treatment for my mother and I for next Thursday. I am so siked to get my neck massaged and facial, yeah baby here we come.

Keeping my head up and washing my hands often...


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