Lately the crew and myself have been really exhausted with trying to reach people for the documentary. I reached out to the folks who knew the families of the victims and to no avail they have not contacted me back. Wonder if Ava Duvernay goes through this drama when she is developing a documentary? I finally was able to get my logo developed for the film with Equan from Harlem. I asked a dude here locally in Rochester he wasn't professional about getting back to me, so I called my people in Harlem and here is our logo for the film.

My staff is checking the prices for sweatshirts so we can raise money through some merchandise online. It's been a challenge with a small crew because they are all young so sometimes they don't stay as focused as I would like. Overall I am pleased with teaching them as we proceed today I am going to a food drive and will catch some footage for the film. I haven't raised any money for the film and have maxed out my credit card with just getting some of the basics to get the process started.

I feel like I am all alone on this project and the community sees my plea but for some reason ignore my cries for help. Much like the victims I am helping I feel nobody hears my voice to change this injustice we have in this beautiful city of Rochester. I have spent over $5,000 in producing it myself and I am quite tapped out.

Praying the universe will assist me in producing this phenomenal film for the people by the people. We are trying to raise $9,500 on Gofundme which isn't a whole heck of a lot but will get me started. I need some professional key staff and without funding folks are reluctant to come on board. Where is Eddie Murphy when I need

I tagged Tyler Perry in my twitter post for funding, I know he has a big heart in helping others. I hope our project makes the list for helping an independent filmmaker.

Well, I am writing for a few grants and pray that one reaches the soul of a grantor.

"Once a task has first begun,
Never leave it till it's done
Whether the task be big or small
either do it or don't do it at all.
Addie V. Keaton (my grandmother)

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