Purposeful energy

It’s extremely stressful today to stay positive wit so many issues surrounding our very being. If it isn’t politics playing tricks on our mind it’s communities of color being snuffed out. I find it a challenge to fight off other people’s moods and energy because some times I really don’t want to be around negative energy. I‘ve come to the point where I want to surround myself with others who have a sense of purpose. In my journey of life when I surround myself with folks with ideals and goals they bring out the best in me.

Today I spoke to a sistah from Roxbury Massachusetts who has the same type of ideals of teaching the youth skills for the future. I needed that push because I made a slide show for a few students and materials. I had made it a few months ago and really didn’t think I could be pushing it online during the winter months. Glad I spoke with this woman she ignited a spark for more business.

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