Blessingz and Grand Rising to all who come to my page. Lately I have been droning and working on my online FAA class. I was thinking of adding some animation but for the cost of the class I may want to chill. Online FAA classes starting January 15th will be $100 if interested in joining please contact me on my contact page.

I have a potential client in Massachusetts which really opened my mind to targeting non-profit organizations that deal with youth and new technology. I have a few students who have signed up for my class which had to be postponed to the spring because it. is hands on drone experience. When the Covid 19 pandemic is over I should be able to book myself for the year of 2021, not just working for myself but for insurance and real estate companies as well.

As with any artist it's a challenge to sit down and find the time to edit. I have some stunning footage I need to colorize and edit but with editing it takes time. Titling takes time, editing, rendering and graphics take time everything is sooo time consuming.

It seems like this jive ass president doesn't want to leave office he has made no concession speech. Biden is continuing with his business really concentrating on the corona virus. I want to know when they will be sending out those stimulus checks they are long overdo. I haven't heard any word about the officers being charged in Daniel Prude's case. His case is like many other cases in America swept under the rug because America doesn't want to do the right thing and acknowledge the blatant racism. The city not only swept it under the rug but hasn't done anything to change the way the community feels about the justice system. I honestly feel that the systematic racism isn't going to change because the country needs to change the laws. The justice system needs to revisit the 13th amendment and make Black folks not 3/5 a man but a whole person. Only then will I have a little more trust in the system they call justice until then there will no fair justice.

The weather has finally changed to fall the temperatures have dropped and haven't went back to the 70's like we had last week.

Today I have to take my Sun, Sachee to the doctor he broke his foot skateboarding at the new skate park here in Rochester, New Yawk. Currently he has a plate in his foot which I am sure he will feel the cold fronts and rain before it comes thats a . It's been two weeks since he has had the cast on and to no avail I have been over his crib every day during the week to feed him and spend time with Lila. I wish folks weren't so petty and allow her to come to my house but that's another discussion.

My cats have been acting like bad children running around the house late at night and sleeping all day long. My cats really need a job they are just too comfortable, which I am sure every cat lover may agree.

Sway in the morning with Heather B and Tracy G have been inspiring me to really get my business off the ground. Just the other day I heard RGE gave 25k to a new black business in the Rochester area it's been a challenge because it is extremely hard to get the fire under folks in the family about the drone business so I guess I will have to look for the grants myself and drone train. I really thought when you open a family business that means everybody pull their weight. I guess my family is NOT there yet but I don't have time to hold their hand. I know for a fact that the drone business is a growing business and I am willing to put my money where my mind is.

During these winter months I plan to tape at least three classes so I can get paid online during the pandemic and when the pandemic is over which should be next spring 2021 I hope. My goal is to have hands on droning classes that will be sold out during the pandemic which should jump start my 2021. I have a few cities I want to reach out to and hold a two week workshops for two different non-profits one week at one non profit and the following week at the next non profit.. My goal is 100 kids per city and ten cities that would benefit greatly from my workshops providing jobs to our youth in the engineering industry. Yup that is my goal is to serve our youth through an array of media and aerial workshops and put myself back on the map. I figure I don't have to look for a tenure at any university I would find tenure in the work that I do and build on that.

Here's to our youth may the future be as bright as our youth...

Blessingz, thanks for reading my journey in life...The Filmstress

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