Social Media restrictions for people of color...

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Last week LinkedIn removed my account for speaking up and complaining about individuals that were making terroristic statements about President elect Biden. It's not surprising when social media wants to cap people of color voices online and mute them, they have the upper hand when we are on their platforms. I have been an advocate for justice and rarely back down when redneck racists come for me, I always stand my ground. Guess that is why so many of them were wanting to shut me up and probably played the victim when I referred to them as a clown. To be quite honest I really don't care because LinkedIn never made me any money so no love lost. The fact that LinkedIn in wants me to pay for premium service is a joke. After witnessing the remarks I can honestly say they did me a favor. Their actions actually helped me to downsize from some of the social media platforms that I have and make room for the ones that matter and will assist me in obtaining my goals for the future. More time to edit my videos less time scrolling on their racist platform

This whole situation that has happened at the capitol has shed light on Amerikkka. What really makes me disappointed is that these fools have shown our enemies and allies around the world we are vulnerable. America has always been a racist country and was founded by bullying the Natives, enslaving the Africans and killing the slaves the rebelled against the oppression. The visuals that we all witnessed on television substantiate my beliefs with racist culture. To see these rednecks attack the media by calling them niggers and destroying federal property I know that racism still lives deep in white America and nobody can tell me otherwise.

As a person of color I anticipate that what we witnessed won't be the last of domestic terrorism but a beginning of "The chickens coming home to roost." -Malcolm X

I have to acknowledge the warriors Shaun King and the attorney, Benjamin Lloyd Crump who has represented many of the victims families and continues to fight racist laws to protect people. I really give my hat off to them for not stoping the fight against this racist system we live in. The efforts of using Instagram and Twitter to identify the domestic terrorists that live in our country is amazing. I would like for you to sign the petition for any of the families that are currently fighting racism before you leave my blog. Thank so much for making an effort to combat racism in America.

Police Reform Model Petition

I can't breathe Reform

Breonna Taylor

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