Veteran checks a Redneck Firefighter...

This week I was rejuvenated by the spirit of the protestors and the reasons why folks came out to protest. I was protesting because as a mother of three Black men and a partner who is a Black man I couldn't sit by idly, that could've been someone close to me. I have always been an activist and when something agitates my soul I must do something, it's in my DNA. I honestly have no interest in combat with the police though I am equipped with a camera, which is my voice. I use my camera and lenses to document the fight against the oppression of my people, whenever possible. It is my responsibility as a documentary filmmaker to record our plight from my cultures point of view.

I returned later that afternoon to check the crowd and make sure the police or racists weren't antagonizing the protestors in front of city hall. It's about 7:30 in the evening the sun is starting to go down and I pull up to the protest coming down side alley. I witness about four or six white dudes in Ford 150. and some Ram truck get out and start adjusting their masks. I wouldn't thought anything of it but one dude had a long black trench coat that looked suspicious since it wasn't that cold outside. As I approach the parking lot I see protestors approaching them asking them why they were here? They all seem to have the same weak ass answer because of the flag. One of the protestors asked them your drove all the way here for a flag? They replied yes because I'm American and folks died for that flag and you people want to disrespect the flag. Well, as with any racist it always starts with "You People" in other words you Black people. I listened to what the NYC Firefighter had to say we gave him the floor and what he said. made no sense. To be honest he sounded like a disgruntled Trump supporter with valid argument. He kept stating that the flag was symbolic to veterans but yet he acted like nobody Afro American had served in the military. Then a Phenomenal Queen stepped out and read him like she should...

The feeling of folks coming together for a moral cause is exhilarating and that my friend is what life is all about. An old friend you to say "Working together is what works" and it does. My life journey is not finished and I still have work to do and I'm ready for what the creator has in store for me.

Be blessed.

The Filmstress!

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