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The last few months have been unsettling for Black America with the assassinations on Black men and women. I haven’t heard anything from my white constituents except could they offer a workshop to deal with stress. when I responded I didn’t know anyone off hand they asked me again like I was lying. I refused to respond because I was insulted that if I answered your question and you ask it again you obviously are ignoring what I said.

My health has been alright they have been testing me for cancer due to issues that arrived lately. Wish there was a different way to examine a patient then the evasive way they examine you nowadays. Took some time and went to the Hamptons last week. I enjoyed the beach and the lobster sammich my cousin Amy grabbed for us.

Stayed about a week in the city, it was a quick visit to the beach a few times. Took my grandkids my little cousin Amy and her dawta. I finally went to the beach by myself and the weather wasn’t on my side it was cold and some flies kept biting my ankles.

I was able to visit with Duck and got a ticket the last day from a parking attendant that I believe targeted me because of my UB decal on my back window.

I was insulted they have me a ticket for parking in a bus stop, which I clearly was not and took some pictures of my vehicle. Lets see how that plays out for me. I’m interested in taking a sailing class so I can sail next year. I’m excited about saving for my retirement sailboat, went to look at a 32 ft and realized it was too small for me and my crew. So looks like I may have to put more money together and the marina fees ain’t no joke the insurance wasn‘t to bad for the year they still add up.

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