wrapping up the film...

My daughter is maturing into her own person and I'm proud of her and her school grades this marking period. Very rarely does she smile, so I had to include her on my blog because her smile was so radiant. As a parent it's times when your kid is happy that you feel special like you did something right. I have worked on this film Rochesta for over a year, raised some money but overall I lost money trying to make this independent film. I put items on my credit card in hope that it would help me raise money and instead it depleted my savings account and whatever else I had. I am thankful though I still have a roof over my head and some food in the fridge. At the end of the day it was an experience that taught me about what Rochester means to me. I am not going to stop loving what I do with images, I'm going to enhance the gift and skills I have been given. The new drone isn't as manageable as the Mavic Pro was, but I refuse to give them anymore business after they claimed to fix the gimbal the first time and then bill me for over $400 for the same issue. I gathered some footage of the Fredrick Douglass statue on South avenue but have to reshoot it from the other side for that dramatic look. I was finally able to secure an interview with a retired Sergeant of the RPD who seemed to be a real good dude. Still have a few more interviews and some aerial shots I want to incorporate to make the film complete in my eyes.

I realized how much I really dislike facebook the people are so hateful and racist it's pathetic. I put an ad out on group pages I was seeking a Black boater or fisherman to assist me in helping the youth to get off the street in Rochester and so many white folks bashed me and then had my ad removed being spiteful. I was asking Black people particularly because working with our youth they don't always trust the white community partially because of interactions with police or other white people in the community may have treated them unfairly. It's challenging when you live in a city where Black people hate their own and some white people don't want the positive change they would rather hear more about the violence in the city so it makes them feel safe in the suburbs. After posting the ad the balls of a white dude calling me racist was deplorable. I expect to hear the petty reverse racism is cynical and expected. I have come to the conclusion some folks just hate for no reason I think they are truly unhappy in their own lives there is no room for love.

I also don't gravitate to petty people who continue to have issues with others and then think miraculously their pettiness won't show when working with kids. I know for a fact when people show me their pettiness that I have to heed to those actions because they are showing their true self. When people tell you who they are listen is what I have learned in life.

Lately had a few people send me links to grants and funding. I am appreciative but my only issue is they make hard as hell to apply, they want you to have a crew but if you don't have money in hand you don't have a crew. It's like a catch 22 and I feel burnt out every time I apply, they have denied me so many times I hate to have that feeling in my stomach. I might apply before December 1st I haven't made it final what I will do I know I need to do it fast...

"Opportunity is a haughty goddess who wastes no time with those who are unprepared."


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