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Running from ourselves

May 31, 2016

I have been known to run away from a problem or two when I was young.  What makes me difference now is I face situations head on instead of running from myself.  I use to think moving to a different place was the key to my success.  In some cases it was time for me to move because I had to move in order to grow.  I guess in life I always wanted my children to imitate my strengths I've accepting a challenge and never backed down as long as it didn't take a life.  It's a whole different scenario that people deal with nowadays that situations will take care of themselves without the help of yours truly, themselves.  In order to be a success you have to think success.  Not every situation is where we want to be, but it may bring us closer to a goal we have that we can work towards.  


Chess, one of my favorite games is a game of thinking and calculations.  Ultimately you want to be the last King standing and all the moves that you played to get there were a part of the ultimate plan. 

So is the key of order to get to your final destination you have to make that first move, usually it's the most critical one.

When making critical moves you use the bishop, rook or knight to get across the board quickly.  To move you opponent out of the way you don't mind risking a pawn they are expendable.  So are people in your life they are also expendable you can loose some and keep some.  To make those critical moves the bishops, may be family or the rook can be a really good friend,  Each person in your life plays an instrumental a part of your emotional make up.  Recently I had a few people resurface in my life and was quite happy to accept them back because life is to short to keep a grudge.  As we move about life I have come to realization we are all spirits in a human form all striving to make a difference in the world we live in.   My work has mostly focused on social issues that plague urban communities and how to make a difference.  Sisters being killed at the hands of cops and courts of justice not serving the justice they were sworn to uphold.  When is it the right time to care in this jacked up world, when is it ok to be concerned about another human being.  My world is changing my priorities are simple to be kind and leave a legacy of truth behind. 

I stopped running from myself because I realized wherever I run there I am.  Though I am getting my mind ready for graduate school I focused on my life and the people I inspire while I am here on earth.  No battle is to big or to fierce for me because if I don't stand up to the challenge I stand for nothing at all


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