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Darling Nicky

June 3, 2016

I was driving my mother to the airport when I snapped this picture of her.  My mother would kid around and call me Darling Nicky like she was a rich Diva.  I realized now looking back how silly I was and that life is so short and am grateful for Juanita she wasn't perfect but one thing I know for sure she always loved me and till this day shows me love.  Though we don't see eye to eye about religion I respect her beliefs and she respects mine as much as a mother can.  My mother and I have been through some things we have argued and we have loved. There were years I didn't speak to my mother and didn't quite understand how it really hurt her. Now that I am older I see how my actions and manipulative behavior was so immature.  I believe the Creator knew my heart and she knew that it was a hurt that caused my actions towards my Momz.  You know sometimes we have the silliest argument with family or friends and separate ourselves from them to prevent the hurt we felt inside. I realized sometimes hurt is good if it's going to make you grow.  


I recall when I was younger as a child and my mother always telling me how special and beautiful I was now I tell my children how beautiful and special they are as well...


As my life shifts into second gear I feel the pressure of my essay being completed.  Though I have some priorities and distractions I have to learn how to organize my goals so they will flow freely without a hiccup.  My mind has been working overtime lately with work, family and career so I find myself up late night releasing my tension by writing little blurbs of my life.  


When Divine Truth is on the scene. The foolish will be revealed.  



The Filmstress was here...


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