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Phenomenal Me!

June 21, 2016

So it's the beginning of summer and creativity is starting to sizzle. I feel the door creeping open from such a brick winter to a warm sunny day.  Some times we doubt our creative capabilities it's like fighting demons, some days they ain't around and some days they can't seem to leave us alone.  So I have been preparing my mind and soul for an exhibit. It is long overdue to sell some of my favorite photos with the public.  I have been playing around with my lighting techniques to create a soft touch when photographing my daughter.  My collection is growing as I make prints of favorites and work simultaneously writing my autobiography.  

It seems like old friends have surfaced and that my life needs documentation itself.  Journaling my life has been a gift I have done for years. Looking back at thoughts I jotted down I was certainly determined. I look at my bulletin board at home and still see the same structure of organization that led me to be who I am today.  


The summer has finally arrived and it's been blazing saddles from coast  to coast.  My daughter has been looking forward to not going to school and enjoying the amusement parks this summer.  I can't say I don't blame her because her school days are extremely long.  


The news has been a blur since I stop watching Bernie and Hillary and Trump seem to be the new candidates nothing with the election interests me anymore. Bernie isn't going to win against Hillary so I am feeling like not voting at all.  The news has been so super racial lately that I have had to turn it off. Between the black couple in Cali. whose child fell in the guerrilla pit to the white folks who had their two year eaten by an alligator.  The conversations on facebook have been trivial and racially bias.  I personally think both parents should be charged for neglect but then that's me.  I believe the issue is that as Americans we have become comfortable to a degree of laziness.  More and more parents just don't seem to be hands on and it's not a racial thing it's selfish thing. I am guilty of this myself thank God nothing ever happened to my children but we are all human. We need more structure and community attitude about ourselves.  Some of us have become unconscious zombies going to work, being at home, doing functional shyt but not really going anywhere spiritually or mentally.  The difference in making a difference is changing some of our selfish ways so we can build our communities up.


I have been watching the new season of "Orange is the New Black" which the writing and acting seem  to suck this season but I'm on the third episode so we will see if it gets better.  


It's been a journey and it's still not over.  Keep looking up and being productive.



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