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Summer Thoughtz

July 3, 2016

Many of us who reside upstate have long awaited this summer time weather.   I have been stressed lately with foolish folks trying to gain attention.  Folks have nothing to focus on but a parking space because its their way of drawing attention to themselves.  Though a part of me wants to avoid it by any means necessary another part of me stands wants folks know I am not bothered by your cheap tacky attempts to gain my attention.  Petty arguments I despise and the people that perpetuate them as well.  My stress level was up this week with the petty arguments, threats, bicycle being stolen and the job always has its place.   As a form of stress management I usually go to a gym or pool.  Since I haven't been able to do so because my car has been in the shop I have built up stress in the back of my neck.  


Shooting relieves the stress and makes me feel free. So today I shot some pictures of my daughter which brings me much added joy to my life.  Capturing her innocence is my goal and getting my mojo back with shooting.  I feel a bit rusty because I haven't had any gigs to keep me consistently busy.  Though I see my techniques coming back the more and more I shoot.


I think when we deal with issues in our lives it's definitely how we release it back in to the universe.  I am not perfect but my life is constantly striving to be righteous at heart.  The love that we show for others is what life is all about, nobody has to be a wuss but you don't have to build up hate either.  Dealing with issues going forward I realize I have to deal with folks by ignoring the bat shyt out of them.  We all have situations that arise that bring out the best and sometimes the worst in us.  It's adjusting our emotions of what we will subject our lives to, will we allow other people's ignorant actions to bring us out of character  or will we focus on the goal at hand.


     It is sad to see.

    The well is deep.

    The water is shallow.

    The rope is short.

    The bucket is broken.

    If one cannot reach the depth of the well,

    perhaps one's shallowness

    keeps him from tasting the sweet waters:

    perhaps the water in the well is too shallow.


    One who is limited is unable to know

     the limitations of the well.

     Both situations can be seen,

     but they cannot be solved by inflexibility.  

     They can only be remedied by further development.


     May the water from the Heavenly fountain

     cleanse your being.

     May the water from the Heavenly fountain

     quench our spiritual thirst.

    May the water from the Heavenly fountain

    cure your wounds.

     May the water from the Heavenly fountain

     bless us all.


Many times it's always the folks we call family that can get under your natural nerve.  Sometimes its a complete stranger it's our reaction to the situation that is what the universe will attempt to teach us again and again till we finally get it.  Take your time and enjoy life and relax not every situation is a battle let some issues fall off at the door.


Enjoy life, be thankful for the gift of life. Many folks didn't got to wake up and have the experience you had today.  The Creator is gracious and she allows us to learn and exhibit behavior we learned to better our souls. She is a loving God and loves us eternally show your thankful by being grateful for what you have today.  

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