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Staying Focused

October 12, 2016


We all have to take time to reflect where we are going. Staying focused is my life long challenge because there always seem like there is something else going to pop-up to take me off my rhythm.  Whether it is working out or eating healthy there is always a challenge and it is up to us to stay focused or we will loose sight of our goal.  My life seems to be moving and somehow I seem to be still in the same place when I started.  


My sun asked me what are you going to do if you don't get into grad school for your doctorate? I answered him honestly which always do. I stated that if I get turned away I am going to continue with finishing my autobiographical story about my life and continue to make great films that can be used in academia across the world.  As the words caressed my tongue coming out I realized the school doesn't make me it's the experience and the product that evolves from my growth.


I received one reference from one of my advisors Andrea Weiss from CUNY.  Abiodun emailed me but I don't think he submitted what he wrote to the online application system with Cornell.  Looks like I am going to have to make a visit.  To make sure Dune and Dr. Jeffries submit the reference online correctly and walk them through it on their computer so I can get this ball in action. 


Lately I have been shooting black and white and my soul feels free.  Though my body is acting in it's own way with my arthritis I have been able to manage by swimming every other day.  I am extremely thankful for my membership at the YMCA because I would seriously be more overweight than what I am if I didn't go.


Looking forward to my last event on Friday at the Shrine NYC.  It has been a while since I have been to my own event in the city.  Zakiyyah Modeste has been hosting in my absence doing a phenomenal job. Looking forward to teaching tomorrow and taking my students on another field trip.


The Filmstress was here!

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