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Filmstress International Baby!

March 21, 2017

Four years ago when I started Bringing Consciousness Back, a young man Michael Wilson use to joke with me and say your Filmstress International baby! Oh that sounded like sugar to my coffee just the thought of having my work being seen international was an exhilarating feeling.  I loved the sound and how it rolled off my lips Filmstress International Baby!  Well four years later I finally was able to book our first event at May Restaurant in Toronto, Ontario Canada in June. The conversation with the manager was informative and he actually gave us a few pointers that are creative ways of marketing. The spirit of the manager was contagious that I felt elated through the phone after we confirmed our booking. The way we came around booking the event was through Marvelous Marvin, a young man I met through my job teaching photography. Marvin was one of the poets and had just performed up in Toronto with his slam team.  We agreed it would be awesome for "It Takes a Village" whose mission is to bring the community back into the lives of our youth and create a fun, loving, educational, creative, environment as well as a support system for the youth.


As part of our on going series we are trying to have Abiodun Oyewole come to Rochester so he can speak to our young poets and have a performance for the Rochester community.  After speaking to Dune on the phone I felt confident this is an event worth putting together.  We are excited to have the event in Rochester to promote social awareness and positive thinking.


Taking my time working on my project "Violated Women" some mental professionals got back to me about a group.  I recorded myself  digitally but not impressed with the footage as usual I am always critical of myself.

May 24th The Flower City Arts & Education center will host my discussion, photo exhibit and work in progress video event. I have a few ideas in mind for an installation that won;t scare the public. Excited I was able to retain a intern until May still working on crew.  I will start interviewing crew after I put in an application with Fractured Atlas for a fiscal sponsorship and I can get start raising money for the film. worried about my camera because its not acting right so I may have to send it to Canon or take it NYC and find a camera shop that fixes Canon DSLR. Hopefully t's not that serious and just needs a major cleaning. The mental health professionals I contacted have agreed to assist on this project and I am so grateful.


The Filmstress


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