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What's going on?

April 5, 2017

I can't help from hearing as the soundtrack to my life right now "What Going On?"  by Marvin Gay. Two days ago my Sun was assaulted jumped and shot coming from the corner store. It was late he had just gotten off work and three kids jumped him and shot him trying to steal what money he had on him. I was vexed to say the least my heart was pumping looking for him in the rain. I couldn't feel the rain that night because I was so concerned about his general welfare. The whole situation was insane I was updating my website and posting my workshops on Eventbrite. My sun came home from work he said a few words and stated he was going to the store I nodded and Erv asked for a coke.  I didn't give it much thought that there were wanna be thugs lurking for my sun in the dark.  A few moments later my phone rang and my sun had stated he just got jumped and he thinks they stabbed him. Before he could tell me where he was I had my shoes on and was out the door. After starting the car I realized he didn't tell me where he was at and drove like a maniac around the hood.  I drove by him two times he said he was on the ground when he saw me.  When I spotted him he was leaning up against a night lamp pole, I stopped the car and bolted out to get him in the car.  Though I have been an activist for many years never thought it would come so close to home. I drove him like a bat out of hell and didn't think twice of the cops pulling me over or been stopping the car if they did chase me.  My Sun's life was on my mind and no rules or restrictions mattered at that time.  As I pulled up to Strong hospital my heart was still pumping hard and lightly relieved they would save him from slipping into unconsciousness.  













All this happened on his 29th birthday I should have started a Gofundme campaign since he will be out of work for a week or so. I have so much on my plate I'm not sure if I will have time to do it.


It's real sad that we have become immune to violence unless it is someone we know.  I have always been an activist against non-violence never thought that my family would be affected like this tho. My thoughts can't help trying to understand the thinking of the young thugs who robbed him. Like why? What did they possibly think he had coming from a corner store? I can't understand the train of thinking like really most people on foot aren't carrying a lot of money. Anyways my Sun lived and is home thought I know there are many mothers who weren't as fortunate as myself I am truly grateful.







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