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Reluctant Love: a visual love letter of healing

April 24, 2017

A few weeks ago I met with my consultant Catherine Cerulli and her group. I found Cerulli researching mental health professionals at the University of Rochester that dealt with women and violence.

 Dr. Cerulli Esq. introduced me to a group of mental health professionals and volunteers of about 16 people. I introduced myself and was the first time I told people publicly I was a survivor of rape. 

About two weeks ago one of the main characters decided to pull out, which disappointed me because I kind of knew deep down inside she wasn't going to go through with it. I know everybody is not where I am spiritually, mentally or physically and I have to accept that.  I realized that my story was valuable and could be utilized to educate and inspire young girls and women.  In the course of me doing research many people have confided in me about their experience with molestation or rape so that is validation this film must be made.  


LOGLINE: The inspiring story of filmmaker, Nicholle La Vann a survivor of violence and a mother to a child of rape. One woman’s journey as she shares her feelings of her pregnancy, the birth, and the struggle she had with her daughter. Visual journey of transformation and healing as she inspires others to heal as well.


CONCERNED about my production crew. I have been working on the proposal to Women Make Movies so I can obtain fiscal sponsorship before the grant deadline on May 27th.  I have been trying to get a production meeting together with the interns and volunteers just seems like it is going in slow motion. My intern Crystal has been a blessing, assisting me with shooting the infomercial fundraiser for Indiegogo.

I still have to re-edit and add the poem and music by the end of May for the IDA Documentary Fund.  


Tomorrow I will see how much I can get done for the complete proposal and have each person be responsible for a section of the budget. I did an rough outline and the biggest challenge has been the excel workbook the cells are so confusing.  My solution is I made a table and inserted inside of the proposal with individual headings. 

Please feel free to make a conscious donation online so we can have this film come to fruition.








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