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The search continues for graduate school

May 30, 2017


My photo exhibit and film discussion of  "Reluctant Love: a visual love letter of healing" went well. I finished my 3 month artist in residency at Flower City Arts Center, it was a bit of a challenge but I pulled through.  Megan Charland assisted me with my poster image and I was extremely thankful for her expertise. The local news 13WHAM came and interviewed me as well. The Arts Center was packed with people standing in the hallway and the most diverse crowd I have ever seen at Flower City Arts center besides when Studio 678 (youth photo program).   I was excited to see my neighbors, Erv's family and conscious folks from the community supporting my efforts to share such a traumatic event in my life.  The questions that the audience asked were challenging but just what I needed to hear.  Some folks asked me how to heal and what methods did I use to stop with depression?  I honestly answered the best way I could, every day is a challenge some days better than others but how I helped myself was using photography. My love for urban landscapes and people gave me a natural high that kept me uplifted when I shot pictures. Secondly being active with exercise always makes me feel rejuvenated like water therapy.  

I am quite excited about returning back to school to explore what I have started with my film. There is definitely not a lot of research on my topic of survivors of violence that kept their children from rape.  Reaching out to professors in a few universities and some professors are quite interested in the subject.  I don't necessarily need another degree, doctorate will give me the scholarly edge on my films and books.  


The more events where I am publicly speaking is building my confidence to speak more about my subject.  I still have more research to do on the year I was raped in 1982 so I can scholarly put the statistics chronologically why it's important we discuss this topic of rape and its effect mentally on the mother and child.  I believe the fear of what people think of me has went out the window perhaps because of my will to succeed at loving me is what counts.  


My next event Bringing Consciousness Back is on June 9th at May restaurant in Toronto. I am looking forward to speaking and getting folks aware of my new film on the horizon.  I must be on the right track because I have filmmakers locally wanting to assist me to see this film come to fruition. I met Sabrina Schmidt Gordon at her film screening at The Little Theater she produced "QUEST"  hoping she can come on board as a producer or direct me how I can get one that can help me raise the money I need.  I will continue to keep moving forward knowing the creator will send me who I need. 


I will miss all of my three interns that graduated and moved on. I know they can still help online but its different when your use to meeting in person.  I will miss you DJ and congratulations on your 2017 graduation!









I am so proud of you Estefeni for getting a fellowship in Washington, D.C.







I am extremely proud of Christal Knight and wish you the best in Plattsburgh. 










Thank you all for all the hard work and dedication.  



The Filmstress...












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