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Da Bronx wif Ivoire

August 10, 2017

So I have been in the Bronx with my eldest daughter, Ivoire helping her with the kids.  Erin and I have been at her apartment over a week thus far. The neighborhood is kinda rough around the edges but Ivoire keeps to herself so that's a good thing.  My main focus is to assist her in getting organized for the kids new school year.  The LYFT service I am working for has it perks and its negative draw backs such as when a customer cancels and your three minutes away then find yourself in an area you have to pay toll to get back. I had the honor of running into the Queensbridge housing projects as I tried to find my way back to Manhattan.  


Today I had a complaint about Erin being in the car, I usually ride alone but you always have that emergency when you have your kid with you. No worries I emailed the company she wouldn't accompany me going forward.  I was able to catch a few quick photos of NaS on this wall that had me get out in the rain.

I think there are some perks about dropping folks off in the city and this was one of them.  Though it was raining NaS drew my presence out of my car to get a better photo of his presence in Queensbridge.


 I hope to sign on with Uber food and grub hub so I can make money when I have someone with me. That might be a good look for me since I don't want folks complaining about my vehicle and who I have in it.   The nerve of folks to complain about a kid riding, I still don't want you in my front seat. How about that catch me


My life has been moving so swift with helping Ivoire I had no time to contact any fellow filmmakers to link up with so I can try to get some footage.  I had plans with us all going to Long Island to the beach but Ivoire decided she is going to stay behind and clean while I keep the kids.   Wow what a schedule I keep I'm surprised I took time to get this blog out...




 It's been a challenge but I'm glad I came. Last night I got seriously ill from eating the Ultimate Feast at Red Lobster had me in ultimate pain. I would call and complain but I am so over Red Lobster I'm on to the next...City Island from here on out...

I have to fit in some rest because Erin and I have to drive back to Rochester Sunday night. Ii have a meeting with Gina from Planned Parenthood.  I'm excited to see how I can collaborate with them and my goals of educating women on PTSD healing suggestions.


Live from the Bronx this is the Filmstress....


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