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September 14, 2017



"He who does not know can know from learning"

symbol of knowledge, life-long education and continued quest for knowledge.  This west African symbol  and meaning says it all, though it looks confusing it makes sense because we are all connected to knowledge.  


My daughters birthday was yesterday and I am extremely happy we are communicating once again.  I wished her a happy birthday and she was grateful which is so beautiful about her wishing I could give her something materialistic.  I am so proud of her being a Mommy and working with Americorps.  The agency seems to like her I hope she is able to gain employment after the time she invested with them.


Day before yesterday I had some thug kick have road rage I wasn't driving fast enough so he got out at the light and kicked my car door and drove off.  There is a terrible dent on my passenger side door that needs to be fixed asap. 




 I went to a collision shop that quoted me $2k which I don't have right now. No worries though life goes on and it's just a car and I still have my life.  Though my day was going whacky I still took time out to go vote for Sheppard who was running for Mayor in the primary's. He didn't win but I was happy that he ran against Lovely so she can stay on point.  Though that crazy chic Rachel Barnhart was a complete mess the whole campaign so glad she is washed up.  I think James Sheppard would have done a phenomenal job though I think the main reason why Black folks didn't vote for him is because of the police brutality that happened against the pregnant woman on his watch.  The Black community felt like he took up for the cops in which I am sure he had his reasons.  I didn't fault him for that but Rochester Black community felt he locked up more Black children on his watch than any other police chief. I don't know how much of that is true but I feel the pain of what my people feel, but I also know when your a person of color in a public position you have to pick your battles.  


I have had feelings of anxiety lately which had me distracted.  I fall into these slumps when folks don't know that I need a hand or and ear to listen to me.  I feel sometimes that I am overwhelmed when it comes to my home environment driving my boys to work, cooking and cleaning.  


Yesterday I took time to go walking and talk to my sister of inspiration Yvie., from Brooklyn.  This sistah is a natural born producer and she doesn't even know it.   She recommended I read the Alchemist, which I did and it prompted me to have that photography exhibit at Flower Arts.  I do need to surround myself with other filmmakers because I loose when I don't.  Finally mailed out the T-shirts and posters to my supporters, funny cause Ruby asked me to sign the poster made me feel special because sometimes I forget who I am.


So yesterday and today I took time for myself and went walking.  I feel so good when I walk and do me.  I was so inspired by our talk I went to the library when I was suppose to move my car from one side to the other like usual and ran to the Phillis Wheatley Library and checked out my book "The Alchemist" which was sitting on the shelf waiting for me. Last night I literally cooked and went to sleep felt so good waking up refreshed.  I texted my friend Yvie and of course being the producer she is sent me this me me. 


This is what the sistah was preaching to me all yesterday. Do you Boo Boo! 

Live from the ROC! The Filmstress is here!


























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