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It's not the end yet

February 8, 2018

Yesterday I had a challenging day, I was pulled over and and given a citation by an unfriendly Bronx Police officer.  The officer must have felt threatened because when he approached my car he kept his hand on his gun.  I informed him I had no guns or drugs I am simply looking for my license. He responds with; I didn't ask you about that, I asked you for your registration and license. I informed him the registration is in the window he pressed me again I stated sir you can use my registration on the window.  I had a passenger in the back who was appalled because of his tone and mannerism with me.  I knew off the bat he was a racist but I tried to explain I live in Rochester and didn't see the NO LEFT TURN sign I was listening to my passenger and my wav app. As I showed him my app he states he doesn't care I don't know how to read?  After being humiliated in front of my passenger I just snatched the ticket and drove off. The was the last time I listen to a passenger for directions. The whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth and I tried to continue driving but the whole experience left me numb.  As much as I am trying to save money for my film and pay my bills at the same time seems like the universe is trying to teach me something, not sure what it is but I stayed silent and still and got off the road early. 


My film is being slightly delayed due to financial backing.  I recently was able to get Fractured Atlas to become my fiscal sponsor so I can receive donations.  I have plans to shoot myself and Ivoire this weekend so I can get this trailer assembled.  Have to head back to Rochester on Sunday so I have to put my azz in gear and get to shooting.  This week has been strenuous on my back and nerves which has had me on automatic pilot.  I have had some interesting passengers this week which were the highlight.  Though I have been disappointed with Uber this week they shorted me out of $90 and a day later they gave me what they owed me.  I drove this kid halfway upstate took me like 4 1/2 hours to drive and then my app crashes so it doesn't recognize the drop off and pays me for half hour ride.  I immediately called Uber and inform them there is a mistake, so the agent assures me I would have my fare readjusted and he would text me through the app in which he did.  Unfortunately it wasn't for the amount he stated on the phone. So I called back two additional times and they repeat everything I stated to them so I get more frustrated and  finally hung up on the supervisor.  I just texted them and informed them it wasn't right after I drove that long distance to short the driver when it was their application and their agent that has made this mess. So yesterday had the same issue again I did an airport ride and few rides after that so I go to cash out and the app crashes again. I call in and the agent informs me they are having maintenance on the system and they aren't sure when it will be resolved. I got off the clock and went home and rested my knees two times in one week totally frustrated not to mention the ticket earlier that morning.


You know sometimes life throws us curveballs but it's all how we react to situations when they present themselves.  I have grown to know that my faith has carried out of situations of distress to situations of upliftment.  I know when I have unjust people that having the faith to stay focused that blessings will appear.  I know that the $140 isn't the end of the world though my pocket book may think so its not and I have faith that the creator will bless me with a sponsor that will allow me to finish my film before I submit my graduation application.  My reactions were surprising to me because any other time I would have been screaming but I guess getting to that age I just don't care because its not the end yet...


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