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Stand by folks...technical difficulties

March 9, 2018

So today was sort of a hot mess my software was tripping giving me directions incorrectly my phone was shutting off after being fully charged.  I was trying to not go mad but I know if your phone is off during a ride there is a possibility you might not get paid.  I have had some interesting passengers lately one girl who was trying to go back to school for criminal justice.  She had a beautiful attitude to her destination she loved comics and was an avid graphic artist drawing comics in her spare time.  I met passenger  from Cali. who was getting a race car being restored or something.  I really had no bad attitude people except one guy who was being over dramatic about his job situation.  As I was driving to Webster my iphone kept turning off and on finally it shut soff while I'm returning to pick up the passenger.  Met up with Erv in Henrietta at Taisho Bistro for sum grub and speak to Verizon informing them about my iphone not keeping a charge they transfer me to apple who wants me to plug my phone up to laptop and back everything up.  Technical difficulties came after my update form apple. So I updated it again and off to the roads of snowy Rochester trying to recoup the money for this $140 ticket I received in the Bronx...

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