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The Rape of Reicy Taylor

March 25, 2018

This weekend I was able to be a panelist at the Little Theater for the film "The Rape of Reicy Taylor".  I was invited by the Rochester Association of Black Journalist which have always embraced me since I came ten years ago coming to Rochester.  The narrator had some great questions though the audience was majority white it was good to see the community come out and show support about such an important topic.  I hope that folks come to the film fundraiser on April 7th 11-2 at the Phillis Wheatley Library.  I had some postcards made with the picture and Kevin really liked it, he sure is a sweetheart I found out this evening his mother passed last year.  Kevin has supported me and showed at my events in Rochester which has meant a lot to me from one scholar to another.  It is always a pleasure to see Richard, Joanne and Rhonda from RABJ they always feel like family no matter how long it has been since I have seen them.  Rhonda stated she would share my fundraisers with other members which is a great start to have another organization besides Fractured Atlas support me.  

The ironic part of the evening is that I had reached out to RESTORE prior to this event and they blew me off.  No worries because the universe brought it back into my circle so perhaps the person I was suppose to connect with wasn't ready and now they are.  I am not sure but only time will tell if they are serious or are they trying to make a name for themselves off the backs of victims.



My business trip to Charleston was beautiful though it was quite cold I heard it got warm after I left.  Our first stop was at this Angel Tree which I took numerous photos that inspired me the rest of the visit. 


We visited the Afrikan village about an hour away from Charleston which Dune spoke about, which looked like it wasn't kept up well.  The first dude who walked out looked like he was on something and started quoting us $10 before I could get out the car for a tour. We politely declined and kept speaking with the brutha who was around our age he took us on a nice morning walk with the horse that was on the property.

 I bought some yoruba beads from and my client tipped him for his hospitality.  Our ancestors guided us to the right spirit which we were grateful to experience.  We also met this phenomenal artist who did wood carving unfortunately he didn't have his prices right he couldn't quote us what the worth of his work was worth not knowing we were interested in buying some of his work. Pictured below with some of the staff's he carved.


As an artist I'm funny about my shyt, so I understand when he didn't want me to photograph the whole sculpture afraid of other artists stealing his designs. All I can say this brutha's carving were phenomenal.


The walk was therapeutic for all of us...







South Carolina was cold and quiet. I felt like our ancestors were watching over us and giving us peace for acknowledging their sacrifice.  It was spiritual and fulfilling to walk the paths and experience the wildlife not disturbing its rhythm but respecting its cycle.  


After finishing up in Sheldon, SC we headed back to Charleston to grab a bite to eat. I found a place online and Deirdre said they cooked like her peoples and it was good food so we stopped by Bertha's.




The food was good I ate it before snapping a shot.  Not only was it good but the seasoning was off the chain.  You definitely have to take a quick nap after such a meal. I ordered fried chicken, red rice and lima beans. The vegetables alone could have filled me up but a sistah was hungry....


After our visit with her aunt and eating we headed to the beach. If anyone knows me I will find the beach Yemaya is my spirit and I am always called to a large body of water.  Haven't spent time with my Atlantic ocean in a while so I had to embrace her beauty.  We drove to Folly Beach which was a half hour away and like many beach communities all taken up by white folks.  


Yes my soul feels free when I am at the beach... I can accept a lake or river but the ocean does my soul wonders.  I escape the mayhem of the world and listen to the ocean and the waves crashing into the earth the seagulls singing in the background giving it the ambience feeling of just my soul...When the weigh of the world touches me it's like my body and soul crave water.  Not sure if it was from when I was first raped that I washed my body and scrubbed it like I had never bathed before.  The water in some weird way cures my pain when I have those thoughts of disgust with myself. I will still find my mind wondering to what if I had of just let them shoot me then they couldn't have raped me.  I know that is my PTSD just trying to resurface the event.  I love the beach and hope soon that I can get my bongaloo on the beach.  

The next morning I woke up extra early and took some pictures from a Marina.  It was a bitter 28 degrees in Charleston and I was out near the water so it was bone chilling cold.  I thought I was by myself until this dolphin saw me and wanted me to photograph him as well.  I had a good getaway from Rochester and the folks were so ever polite. 




                              Thank you South Carolina 2018!