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Living for the future...

April 30, 2018


I'm living for the future nowadays and must keep reminding myself of the awesome people I meet on an everyday basis. 

On this day I was visiting Mt. Hope cemetery with Aunt Sherry and met Frederick Douglass grandson.  Amazing energy he was projecting in the short conversation we had we still stopped to enjoy a photo together and that my friends is what life is all about...stop to smell the flowers wherever they may be. 


In the news the white house is upset with Michelle because she went in on Sarah Hucklebee at some black tie event.  Cosby got charged with rape and folks are calling me stupid on facebook for being raped.  Yes life has been a challenge and life still moves forward with brakes to top time in motion. 


Though I was on the Cosby show many folks don't know and I met him in person when working on the Cosby show in Astoria, Queens. I had great respect for Bill Cosby because I grew up with him when he had the cartoon Fat Albert, the stories were sincere and always had a message. Today, I was insulted but had to remember that I am not stupid for keeping my rape to myself. I honestly didn't want the attention or shame that was attached a certain stigma how folks would interact with me I wasn't emotionally ready for at sixteen.  Now that I am 50 years old, I can handle folks that call me stupid for not reporting it to the police. I can handle the stigma because I am wiser and if I can handle homelessness in New York City I can handle anything.


My Uber and Lyft hasn't been so great for me lately lot of drivers out on the road lately.  I did really well in Westchester when I was downstate. I have been trying to raise money driving and online with Fractured Atlas for my project "Tenacidad".  I need to make some more shirts for folks that donated to the campaign as a thank you for supporting my film when I get a chance.  


My cinematographer and I have to do a face time chat so we can organize some shots of landscapes and schedule interviews.  Looking forward to getting some work done I have been a bit depressed due to the cold weather and pain I have been in lately. Been real snappy with the family but it's because of lack of sleep and pain that I have.  























Meet "Bella" Shad's new pit bull, she is so playful and cute I cant resist holding her.  Though she will bite you and scar you if your not careful.  I posted a few images on social media for senior photos business since May is tomorrow graduation is around the corner.


With all this madness I am still living for the future...

Enjoy your monday...


The Filmstress is here!








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