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Energy from within...

May 24, 2018

The energy that I have from within is the passion to get through another day and be resourceful and successful in whatever my plans are for the day. A few weeks ago I went to NYC to watch my grand babies while my daughter was away for job training. Bought a car seat and felt good that not only can my grand baby use it but passengers children can as well.  I was taken back at the UBER/LYFT folks on facebook who talk negatively about mothers with children with no car seat because I understand the struggle.  Below is an image of a homeless woman strung out on heroine on the streets of Fordham Road in the Bronx.  Homelessness is everywhere that it seems like it's a common thing that nobody really pays attention to, they are invisible though they are in plain sight.

I was previous homeless, hungry and poor and know what it feels like to be judged without an explanation.  The energy that I have from within I try to touch other lives in an impactful way.  I always have at least one family that has a child that is a carseat age with no car seat a day.  I experience this upstate in Rochester and Westchester county as well. The majority downstate are usually refugees or immigrants from South America like Venezuela, Peru, Columbia or Brasil.  In Rochester it's usually poor Hispanics, Syrians refugees, or African Americans that seemed to be faced with the challenge. 


Below is Xyla on the swing doing her thang in her own world.  The other two I couldn't seem to catch they were playing hide and go seek and running way to fast for me...

 I have had some interesting passengers lately working with Lyft & Uber.  I recently just got back from NYC from interviewing a professional mental health expert from CUNY. Dr. Adeyinka Smith who teaches Psychology at City College of New York.



I also had my daughter interviewed with my cinematographer, Jamal Jones.  Been having issues downloading the footage to his dropbox online and not sure why when I erase from my computer it looks like it is taking up more space on my laptop.


Recently, I went to get a second job what gets me is the woman, Shelly emailed me stated she needed someone for Sundays, Drove out of my way to Mendon, NY which is over a half an hour away she interviews me and then texts me back two days later she doesn't think it will work out.  Not sure why she decided but it would have been nice if she had informed me before I wasted my gas and time.  


Currently, I am working on production that involves my Queen Mother.  I am flying her to NYC to interview her for my documentary "Tenacidad" thought I am not impressed with my mother's demands.  I realized a while ago how much family doesn't respect a filmmaker when they are related to them.  As I explained the reason why I wanted someone to interview her she still resisted when she has no clue why I wanted another filmmaker to shoot her.  It was ironic that I have asked her for an interview just to see how she felt when she was informed about what happened to me.  Now she wants to interview me and that's not part of the production.  Just to satisfy her I agreed but truly was disappointed with her tactics of wanting to take control of a project that I started.  As a filmmaker t his has been the most challenging documentary that I have ever worked on.  My daughter's interview was good but cut off and the background noise was insane.  I have plans to shoot all three of us at Central Park in a secluded place so we don't have a loud noises drowning us out. I will have to let Ivoire know to try to take off that day so we won't have the kids with us and we can hold hands and stroll through the park.  Jamal is still checking on a location for the Drone shot which would be ideal if I can rent it when my mother is in town.


My sciatica nerve has been really killing me lately.  I haven't had to a chance to swim because they have been having swimming classes at the YMCA.  I am hoping to swim tomorrow morning after a few rides. Lately I have had some interesting passengers and phenomenal tippers.  I never really realize how much people like me util I see the tips and then I feel much appreciated like a little kid.  Thank you to all my phenomenal passengers that showed me love by leaving generous tips and having great conversations.

 Celebrated Malcolm X birthday, 50th anniversary of the Last Poets and the 5th anniversary of Bringing Consciousness Back movement with Sistah Zock.  We had coffee at a local coffee shop and then I drove her to Mt. Vernon to surprise her phenomenal mother Sandy. It was raining but we made the best of it Zock stoppe dby one of her health food stores and purchased a green shake for me that ended up hving me run to the bathroom every other

Overall I enjoyed my time in the city and was happy to get home and sleep in my bed....



The Filmstress is here....

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