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ITVS application anxiety

June 22, 2018


Like every other year I apply to ITVS this year I am applying for my film  "Tenacidad".  Today I have to upload the footage that was shot in NYC on a timeline.  I still have much more shooting to do but I will edit what I have and then have Jamal take a look at it later.  My nerves always get bacd when I have to assemble my documentation for a proposal.


Yesterday I was taking care of my paperwork from being the car accident.  I went to the police department and there was no report turned in from the officer.  I didn't have a good feeling when he asked me questions so quickly at the scene of the accident.  He barely heard what I had to say before closing the ambulance doors definitely have little faith in the Rochester City Police Department. I was able to locate the insurance company but officer Flynn seemed to not even write up the report which was a car accident that doesn't surprise me how sloppy they are at turning in their paperwork. 


I have no income and my insurance company hasn't told me anything. I retained an attorney from Mattar and they called me yesterday but not impressed because they have only spoken to me once.  I honestly just want my car repaired and for my doctor bills to be paid.  Uber has seemed to jip me on my last payment and I'm not impressed with the whole getting in an accident and dealing with them.  I am really at rock bottom no income, no full coverage to get my car fixed and still waiting on workman's comp haven't got a dime from the Black Car fund. 


I have physical therapy today and looking forward to getting in the pool my back is stiffening up. I started organizing my footage which is a good thing. Next is getting on the timeline and seeing what I have to edit from.  My body is in extreme pain my sciatica nerve has been killing me since last night.  I am going to keep the faith and keep working hard at this documentary not worry about graduate school until I see clearly with my documentary and it's out of the red. I need money like yesterday and I hope the creator hears me to send me some right away, keeping a positive attitude that's all I can do.



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