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AYA POP UP Preparations

September 19, 2018


My photos look phenomenal I almost don't want to sell them but as reality hits home I have to eat.  I have had a journey with one photograph that was broken by Fed ex and then the company I ordered from resent me the image which was awesome. After they sent it I enrolled with Fed Ex to make sure I get updates when my picture would be delivered.  So I am standing outside with Kenny and he says saw a Fed Ex truck go by and I'm excited to see my work, my final piece to my exhibit. Moments later I get a text that my picture was delivered I immediately call Fed Ex and inform them I DID NOT receive my image. So they tell me the driver is out and when he gets back to Farmington they will ask him where exactly he dropped it off. I'm vexed because the message states someone named Garcia signed for it.  I inform them the image is not here and where exactly did he drop it off.


They get back to me the next morning and stated it was dropped at my office again I tell these numb skulls there was NO delivery my office door was open and I was between outside and my office on the first floor the delivery trying never stopped at my location.  Fed Ex has really jacked up my package and then had the nerve to tell me I am lying like I wasn't here or rather I don't know where my office is...


I am sure that artist have gone through this before and it's a part of behind the scenes production.  I guess it's what I don't like about preparing for an exhibit.  Enough of my rant Fed- Ex better replace my picture that's all I know...


the show must go on...


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