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Tattoo of me...

October 1, 2018


So my Sun Joval stopped by the house the other night which was way past my bedtime.  so he turns around and starts taking off his shirt I’m like what’s wrong with you it’s cold.  He turns around and lifts up his sleeve and there is this stunning photo of my on my arm.  I looked at it and then cried how beautiful I was and he was able to capture my image on his arm.  Though my lips are that huge the eyes were on point. 


It was truly humbling to see my image on my Sun. I was honored because I never really think of myself as someone to be honored but I guess I was wrong in a good way.

As a mother I was truly touched that my Sun took the time to find someone that awesome to draw me on his arm. 

 I’m truly grateful for all my children and the love they exhibit to me all in their unique way make me happy.

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