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7 Hermetic Principles

November 13, 2018




Finally received my book I ordered from amazon, "The Kybalion" the book explores the principles of Hermetic philosophy of Ancient Egypt. I haven't read a book for myself in a while that I truly was interested in reading.  My eyes went straight to the Principle of Rhythm which was interesting.  I realized lately my schedule has been out of sync and the rhythm of going to the gym and swimming has been off my rhythm since the car accident this summer.  The Hermetic Philosophy Principles -

The Principles of Truth are Seven; he/she who knows these, understandingly possess the magic key before whose touch all the Doors of the Temple fly open."


1. The Principle of Mentalism

2. The Principle of Correspondence

3. The Principle of Vibration 

4.The Principle of Polarity

5. The Principle of Rhythm

6. The Principle of Cause and Effect

7. The Principle fo Gender


Releasing toxic people from my life that were distracting me with their drama was another altering shift in my life.  I am proud that I left the weight of others around me and am now concentrating on myself instead of drama that doesn't involve me.  The past few months have been challenging finding myself in drama that was distracting me from my goal of my film "Tenacidad" and my media arts (photography) business. I am thankful that I am finally growing spiritually, to  pick up when there are spirits of jealousy lurking in my presence.  The truth is I trust folks that aren't worthy of trusting and have showed me foul character flaws.  "When folks tell you who they are listen to them."  My issue is listening to words of individuals who show no action but just talk bullshit.  Expelling negative energy is a constant process if you're going to succeed in your spiritual or physical life.  As we grow spiritually and stay still to listen to the power of God, it becomes clear who is for you and who is not.  Sometimes I fail to keep my mouth shut and need to listen more. I can't say how proud of myself that I am for finally listening to my inner self. 


Allowing the Creator to make my journey complete and phenomenal at the same time.  Some situations can seem blurry about why people are in our lives, did we invite them, did they invite themselves?  I am so pleased that my pop-up art exhibit was profitable and looking forward to hosting my photography exhibit next year.  My theme will be related to my documentary so that everything compliments my work and strategically implementing it piece by piece.  I have several


empty frames that I will be using for my next pop up exhibit making it unique but yet fabulous exhibit.  Incorporating music to my media installations sometimes seem to be a challenge and I have to change that dynamic.  I have been hearing songs that make me happy anytime I hear them no matter where I'm at. The other day it was Stevie Wonder (Don't Worry 'Bout a Thing) playing in the background at the YMCA dressing room. I thought of his words and how I allowed toxic people in my life and Stevie was telling me to not worry about a thing. Yes, I felt in the middle of my life that the creator was speaking to me through a song. I was feeling sorry for myself like back to no friends in my life and how lonely I will be again. Sometimes we don't realize that the creator allows us to make mistakes so we can learn from the experience and the individual.  No need for me to hate folks who are themselves they may be accustomed to lying, cheating and stealing. What I do know is that I am thankful for each experience because it teaches me more about life and myself.  I will continue to love people who are worthy of my presence.  




Finally was able to get my stove and refrigerator delivered from Loews, still waiting on Erv's cousin to come and put in the drywall this evening.  The kitchen has been stripped and we finally got the insulation in the walls this was a long time coming with little money the process has been slow. I was so happy to get the old fridge and stove out it wasn't funny they were so old and dirty.  The new fridge looks smaller than the Loews showroom on display but it's ok.  I used the stove and didn't have to beat the stove to get it to come on.  Looking forward to a functional and enjoyable holiday dinner with the family.


Lately I have been in a lot of physical pain, yesterday I had a block done on my back. I know that my body needed to rest from the accident this summer.  Fighting with the Black Car Fund that represents Uber was denying my workers compensation, finally won my case.  Now I have to see what happens next with my back so I can sleep at night.  I started looking like a raccoon with my eyes getting dark around my eyes and its due to pain and not sleeping.  I hope to get some relief soon with his suggestion or acupuncture.


A week or so ago I was able to speak to filmmaker, Aishah Shahidah Simmons who directed No! The Rape documentary.   The conversation was brief because I hadn't seen her film and felt uncomfortable speaking about my film without first reviewing hers.  I explained to her I didn't want our documentaries looking to similar which she assured me that our stories are different which they are and they wouldn't be the same, she was right.  I could tell she was far educated then myself and I was so out of the loop I felt like I wasn't prepared.  I have been home depressed with being out of work and mostly in pain haven't felt good about working on my own film. I had another meeting with another woman of color filmmaker and she advised me to narrate the whole film which crossed my mind but I didn't want it to seem vain. Mara advised me to narrate the past and the present of what I am going through and going back and forth. The back and forth gives it a rhythm and I like that a lot pretty much what I have been reading in "The Kybalion"  I liked that idea and I think my biggest issue is recording my narration in a quiet environment where I am not distracted. She suggested my car which is a great idea because my car is off the road needs a battery to turn on the car but yes such a simple idea that can be done.  I wanted to record myself near the Erie canal but it's cold now so that idea will be put on hold.  Everything in my life seems to be syncing up in a positive way which I am proud to say I am clear in my thinking now with no distractions.  As the seasons change so do the people in our lives and I am pleasantly happy to the new souls that I have met. I am also extremely thankful for my life and the people that are supporting my projects and my commitment to make a change in this world. Healing is a process and I welcome the change in my soul so that I can heal others as well.  

Let me order this film and do my research like that phenomenal filmmaker I am...

Our children should be researching and reading on material that will advance them to be productive.


"When the ears of the student are ready to hear, then cometh the lips to fill them with wisdom." 

                                                                                                                           -The Kybalion




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