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MLK Day Blueprint

January 21, 2019


Today is MLK Day and we recently experienced a snow storm here in Rochester, New York.  As I got up this morning I watched a few videos that I like to watch and noticed this in my que so I watched. I was so happy that I dd because I felt so inspired like I was right there with Martin. Wow such an inspirational message that is still relevant today especially what is going on today with today's president Trump.  The man is a complete idiot and has transformed our country with wild redneck racist tyrants from shyt hole countries to referring to hispanics as rapists and murderers.  His racism is despicable and shows the lack education and pettiness of his character.  


Our country has been divided for some time and that is due to the lack of knowledge folks have learned in our failing public schools. The history books need to be updated with Afro-American history not just once a year specified to one month in February.  There is more history than what I have learned such as Native American history which is skimmed across in public school. Not to mention the Asian history of them building the railroads.   We have so much to teach our youth that our schools are lacking I don't mind teaching my daughter cursive because I am preparing her for the world. There are other parents who may not have had the education and may not know how to sign themselves which leaves that child unknowledgeable about the simple things they should know such as signing their name.


Ironically I loved the message because when we talk about Blueprint of our lives some of us get distracted.  I myself get distracted and have to get refocused when it comes to my film "Tenacidad".  Lately I gave of my time to a workshop crosstown and felt like it was never ending. Though the woman who organized it seemed to be sincere while listening to her last comment before I left me mind unsettled.  I can understand a survivor or a parent wanting to expose a perp I get that.  Unfortunately I felt uncomfortable with the comments of why the person produced the workshop to expose this perpetrator because they were marrying someone else.  I know why I started my workshops it was because as I heal there were others that needed inspiration to heal as well. My focus has been on awareness and healing not revenge.  As I stand back and look at the event I attended I saw so much that could've been covered but was not.  Though I want to help folks I think some people have to take an initiative to have the right attitude to learn on their own.  I am an advocacy filmmaker and I am happy to be that individual and share stories that can uplift and motivate a people for change.


Though I am not into organized religion but can identify the positive affirmations that religion has to offer.  I will continue with my blueprint of being that ADVOCACY FILMMMAKER making a difference through every media project that I produce.  Thank you for listening blessingz my friends....


(don't forget to watch the video)


The Filmstress....




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