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Shooting the trailer

February 21, 2019


As an indie filmmaker it is a challenge raising awareness and funding all at the same time.  This Saturday I have booked myself silly by shooting a mental health professional, library presentation and then some footage of myself in the afternoon. I have included Robyn Brent and Richard from Unified so they can be taped with a nice background for the film.  Organizing my production book with release forms and production timeline has been challenging.  I really need a high school student that I can teach how to be my assistant.  


So you know that old saying life repeats itself till you have learned a lesson? Recently I called myself doing someone a favor and it backfired right in my face. I could've went about it differently but I realized that the older I get I just cut foolish people out my life and don't look back.  I think some people look at me and think she is gullible which I am certainly not.   


This week I went to visit Megan at Flower City Art she's one of those sincere folks that you can feel her kind soul when you speak to her. I dropped off my print of Chango Cubano (2017)  for the members show in March.  I have to get a few more large prints made for the festivals this summer. I have to order several sizes and then shop for a T-shirt and Sweatshirt wholesale vendor I can order from directly that can ship to my customers.  I have a few I am looking at that don't require money down the only issue is that some take a large cut back in return.

As soon as Brenna and I have solidified the artwork for the project I believe we can market products to sell online for the film.  Brenna is one of my interns she is a tall young lady full of spunk and passion. The last production meeting she wanted my opinion about her graduating and that she wants to take time off then to just run and look for a job.  My advice is that you have to follow your spirit and if that i s not what you want don't do it.  I think universities push graduates to work for others when they graduate when they should be pushing for them to sell their skills collectively.  I gave her a washed down Damon Dash talk don't work for others work for yourself.  My life doesn't reflect the financial success in the film world but my integrity and films have never been anything I am ashamed to stand behind.  I think now is the time for graduates to start thinking long term where do they want to be in five years.  My advice to my intern Brenna was sell your skills and be the best at what you do whether it's graphic design or photography build your portfolio that your clients are impressed.  Make a website and work with other artists and do jobs outside the box and your fulfillment will come.  I truly believe if you apply yourself to whatever skill and take on the mindset you ain't gonna stop till your project is complete is the right attitude.


Still working ideas over for our shoot, I started a story line but don't have the content of what will be said over the narration.  I am truly grateful for my crew here in Rochester and in NewYork City.  


This evening I am going to attend a Toastmasters group I haven't attended in such a while. The last time I paid and then moved back to NYC so never really got my moneys worth.  I am excited because I miss the challenges with the table talks. I liked how we use to have 1 min pitches to speak about yourself which is very similar to an elevator pitch.  My reasoning is that when I get my pitch down I can pitch clearly and effectively when I go to the Film Festival coming up.  Looking forward to attending the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival the end of the year in November and the Toronto Hot Docs in May so as I usually say" Proper preparation prevents a poor performance...





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